Tips for Traveling With Kids And How To Keep Them Entertained

Going on holiday? Here are some tips for traveling with kids and sure-fire ways to make sure your kids stay entertained. If you’ve planned a week or two away, you’ll probably already feel like there are a million and one things that you need to remember to take with you. From passports and travel insurance to holiday clothes and beach towels, your mental list is probably already a mile long!


Tips for Traveling with Kids


One thing that is worth considering before you go away, is if you need to take anything extra to ensure that your kids stay entertained. Whether it’s for long drives and flights or simply downtime at your hotel or resort, it is a good idea to prepare for the inevitability of your child getting a little bored at some point. Here are a few ideas of things you could take to help combat boredom!


Buy a New Toy to Take Before You Leave


Yes, they are about to be spoilt rotten on holiday, and yes, you’re probably about to spend an arm and a leg yourself, but a small purchase before you travel may help whilst you’re away. Set a budget, make sure you stick to it and choose something new that you think they’ll happily spend time using whilst you’re on your holiday.


Wicked Uncle is the perfect site for you to look at, as it offers a huge range of toys which can be filtered down by ideal gender and age group to ensure that you’re choosing something that they’re going to enjoy using. On their website, there are loads of great toys to keep the kids occupied, so you’re sure to find something perfect. Once you’ve chosen, have it delivered and hide it away in your case ready for a big reveal when boredom strikes.


Another site we love is Good Old Gifts, which is a blog set up by moms and dads which recommends some of the most fun toys for kids to play with. The website reviews loads of cool toys for different ages so it’s easy to find one that your kid will love.


Download Some Films and Music Onto a Tablet Before You Go


Kids nowadays are so au fait with technology that it’d be foolish not to think about taking your family tablet with you as a back-up plan. It’s likely that wherever you’re going will either have no open wi-fi or will charge for you to use theirs, so it is wise to spend some time before you leave downloading some films, TV series or music onto your tablet so your children have plenty to choose from whilst you’re away.


This is especially important if you are going abroad, because even if your accommodation does have a television, it may be limited to local TV stations which may not be in your mother tongue!


Take Some Books or Magazines with You


Sometimes, it is best just for them to settle down with something quiet, so a book or magazine is perfect for this. For younger children, choose some of their favorite books from home which you know are their go-to choices, especially if you use one for a bedtime routine.


For older children who require a little more stimulation, then why not visit your local charity shop and see if there is a book that catches their eye or buys a couple of magazines surrounding their interests.


Traveling with your little ones can be stressful so we hope our tips for traveling with kids will help make things a little less crazy!

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