Money Tips for Moms Who Travel A Lot

If you have decided to travel the world with your flock, there may be a number of financial decisions you need to make to ensure that you are always going to be on a budget. Here are some traveling mom money tips if you want to make sensible choices so you can stick to a budget.


Money Tips for Moms Who Travel


Find a Job for the Road


If you know you are going to be away for a long time, you should try to find some sort of job for the road so you can be certain that there is always going to be a little money coming in no matter where you end up. Sometimes, people like to put a long stop in a certain place, allowing for a month’s worth of rest and relaxation before heading off into the sunset yet again. If you are thinking of doing something similar, you should look into a TEFL certificate. Becoming a fully qualified English language teacher will enable you to go away and earn a living through English tutoring. This is something you could even offer on the go; scheduling conversations over a coffee to help people with fluency and general vocabulary.


Another brilliant option is vlogging or blogging. These can both be done on the road and the general maintenance of running a blog or editing videos can all be handled while traveling or when you have a spare moment. If you are looking for something which is flexible and fits around your schedule while allowing you to make money for your travels, this is definitely the option for you. Making extra money will help keep you traveling and tops our list of money tips for moms.


Look Into VPNs to Save Money on Entertainment


Your kids may be little angels and the perfect travelers but you cannot account for when things go wrong. A flight might be delayed, or a shop might be closed, and you are left with a grumpy child who needs something to distract them while you sort things out. Having an iPad with access to all their favorite shows through streaming services like Netflix might be just what you need.


What do you do if the local Netflix carrier doesn’t have the same shows as your one back home? Just make sure you have a VPN which allows you to jump onto a server in your home country and select the show that you love. You might not need this service all the time, so you should look into the best free VPNs that you can find so you are not blowing money on something you aren’t getting use out of every day.


No matter where you travel to, you should consider getting a VPN. While many are choosing to get them for their streaming services, they have a whole host of other benefits which people are only just beginning to catch onto. For example, if you route your online activity through a VPN, you cannot be tracked online. This is great if you are looking for cheap tickets for travel, or you are just simply concerned about your online security. It is fast becoming as vital an internet tool as an antivirus.


Share and Share Alike


Travelling can be expensive anyway, but you can definitely save some money if you are willing to adjust your attitude to sharing. Nearly everything can be shared between you and your child if you are willing and it can save you quite a bit of money.


Instead of searching for an Airbnb with two beds, just share one. The more rooms a property has the more expensive it tends to be and you could save some money if you are instead able to go for a studio apartment or something similar.


This can even be extended to food when you are eating out for lunch at a restaurant or café. Consider ordering a sharing platter if there is one available or splitting a deal. For example, if there is a soup and sandwich deal you could each have a bowl of soup and split a sandwich between you. You will still get plenty to eat and you can save a little money for a treat further down the line. This may seem silly to include as one of our money tips for moms but eating out is a big expense!


If your child is a similar size to you, you could even share clothes and toiletries to save on luggage space; but don’t be surprised if this is met with harsh resistance on their part!


The easiest way to keep on top of finances when you are traveling is to keep an eye on what you are spending and adjust the rest of your budget accordingly. A job or a blog can help keep you buoyant and keep a bit of an income coming in but it will mostly be down to you and your spending habits. Don’t lose track of how much you have and look for shortcuts when you need them. This will allow you to have a brilliant time traveling without ever going over budget!


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