Don’t Just Lay There – 5 Things to Do While You’re Soaking Up the Rays This Summer Vacation

It is finally summer. All these long days of studying, working, and meeting deadlines are over. Quite probably, sometime in winter, each of you have already decided that this summer will be spent in the most relaxing manner. Holidays near the seaside are already planned, the tickets and accommodation are reserved.


But what will you do when you get to paradise? If you find yourself bored while tanning by the pool, or lounging on your resort patio, these ideas will give you a few ways to relax on vacation.


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Here I am catching up on emails while my son has a blast.


Relax On Your Vacation, Here’s How


If you don’t relax on vacation then what’s the point really? Use this time to catch up on the monkey work, play some games, read or get creative. 


Play Some Games and Enjoy Mindless Fun (And Maybe Even Score Big)


Summertime is the best season to remember where your sneakers and soccer shoes are. Find your ball and invite friends for a match. Alternatively, near the seaside or lake, it is possible to play all the water-related games, like volleyball or water polo.


Not all games can be active. Lazybones can play Monopoly, diverse card games, as well as gambling on the Internet. At Native Casinos, one can find the most captivating gambling games with the reviews of casinos.


Check out rated online casinos at the NativeCasinos web page and define which one suits your wishes most of all. At this website, you can read reviews of diverse gambling resources. Be sure that every casino is trustworthy. Make a choice depending on the number of available games, deposits methods, and compatible devices.


Get the chance to win a considerable amount for a trouble-free summer vacation.


Catch Up On Reading That Book You Can’t Find the Time to Finish


Undoubtedly, a good book is the best friend of everyone on the beach or at home. It is essential to choose those books which will not only entertain but also change the way of thinking, motivate, and even, probably, help you set plans and strategies for the next year.


It’s Only Too Late If You Don’t Start Now: HOW TO CREATE YOUR SECOND LIFE AT ANY AGE by Barbara Sher is a masterpiece which will help you dig deeper into yourself and understand why dreams are still only dreams. The author is not providing a theoretical opinion, she gives exercises and techniques which will be handy in self-realization.


Screw It, Let’s Do It by Richard Branson is not a newly published book. But it’s statements have not lost their validity and to-the-point meaning. Besides, in the year 2007, the author started paying the attention of humanity to the exhausted state of the planet and the impact of people’s activity on the environment.


The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do to Get More of It written by Kelly McGonigal is full of recommendations, as well as exercises, which can help to bring up and strengthen your willpower.


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Get Rid of Your Junk Mail and Contact Friends


Keeping mailbox in order is a useful habit. With emails, one may trace orders on the Internet, online banking payments, and other significant information is kept in emails. To get access to all these data, email boxes shall be cleaned out. Delete all spam emails, create folders relevant to the subjects, save the most important ones to your cloud storage. One day, you will be grateful for this helpful rule.


Go Through Your Phone and Organize Your Images (And Free Up Some Space)


When pics and photos are properly arranged, it is as useful as with an email box. You may try Photo Manager by Movavi. The most useful feature is the possibility to search and delete duplicates, thus, you will free extra space on your device. Alternatively, Picasa can be used with these purposes which can be used as a photo editor as well.


When all the photos are in order, it is easier to choose those to be printed for a family album and keep the best memories for many years.


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My Instagram page @heroesandunicorns made with A Color Story


Make Cool Photo Edits for Your Social Media


On vacation, people tend to upload more pics on social media. To have a harmonious feed on FB or other media, use apps which can help to edit your pics. Try one of them and surprise your friends with amazing photos from vacation.


A Color Story is an app with tons of stickers, catchy designs, fonts, as well as plenty of other possibilities. One may also join the community and get inspired by the pics published by A Color Story users.


Picsart is peculiar for a diversity of high- quality filters which can be applied to photos. there are plenty of other useful editing functions. Important is that they are simple to use and easy to share on social media.


Adobe Lightroom is a favorite app even for professional photographers. It is smart and includes tutorials so that regular users can learn how to professionally edit their photos.


Physical and mental rest is significant and necessary for proper brain functioning during the upcoming challenges. You can stay home for a few days and relax in the most beloved way. When you get to your destination near the seaside or the ocean coast, spend the first day in the rays of summer and relax in full. Just be careful not to get a sunburn while you relax on vacation! Be sure to subscribe for more travel tips in your inbox!

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