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Every place is famous for its unique kind of attraction. For example, Paris is famous for Eiffel tower, Agra is famous for Taj Mahal, Egypt is famous for its pyramids and America is famous for the Statue of Liberty. Similar to these famous places in the world, Dubai, which is one of the popular cities of the United Arab Emirates is famous for its tourism and futuristic buildings. There are a number of attractions and tourist spots which are a must visit and people should visit Dubai to spend their vacations.


Be it a honeymoon that you have been planning for a very long or a much-needed break with your friends, you should visit Dubai for the relaxation of your mind and soul.


12 Must-see Dubai Attractions and Places to Visit 


The Miracle Garden of Dubai


After arriving to this breathtaking city make your way towards the mixture of nature’s beauty and man’s creation; the Miracle Garden. Soothe your eyes by giving them the colorful sight of beautiful and fresh flowers. This man made garden blossoms with more than 40 million flowers and is the world’s largest flower garden covering 72,000 square meters.


The Largest Building in the UAE, Burj Khalifa


While going to Dubai you will surely be excited for the largest building of UAE i.e.; Burj Khalifa. Choose an evening to spend viewing the dancing fountain at Burj Khalifa and step to the highest floor of this largest building and have a sight of the entire city from your feet. Don’t miss this breathtaking view as you will feel as if you are flying and touching the clouds. The highest floor contains an area where you can view the city underneath your foot from a glass window. Also, enjoy the fountain dancing with different Arabic music.


Dubai’s Waadi Adventure


For some adventure and thrill you should gear on towards the Waadi Adventure. It is a place that provides certain activities and games that are filled with fun, excitement and thrill. You will miss the fun if you miss this spot. 


Bollywood Themed Park in Dubai


Who isn’t a Bollywood fan? There would be one character, one movie or one scene from Bollywood movies that would be favorite of yours. For such fans Dubai has created Bollywood theme park where you get a chance to discover the inner superhero in you. Feel that you are on a Bollywood movie set and experience the fun of such movies. 


Ski Dubai is Very Popular


If it’s too hot out there then go to Ski Dubai where you will freeze to your nerves. One of the best places to visit when the temperature outside is too hot and sunny. You have an ample of activities to do at Ski Dubai, you can slide, glide and jump in snow or make a snow man. Meet the penguins and enjoy their show. Enter the crystal cave and explore man’s creativity. After some icy feels, dig into the Rainforest café that is created in a way that you will feel like having dinner in a forest. With the real sounds of animals and their artificial affects you enjoy a delicious meal.  


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Dubai’s Desert Safari


Don’t miss out the fun of Desert Safari where you are taken into a desert from huge sand dunes. Experience the desert culture and their cuisine. Another option is to hire the camel riding experience, which is worth a try! 


Largest Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo


Explore marine life at the largest Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. View a different kind of fishes and reptiles and dive into the lives of these marine animals through a glass tunnel.


Jumeirah Beach in Dubai


If you want a suntan then Dubai’s beaches are the best place for you. Jumeirah Beach is one of the famous beaches of Dubai where you can chill under the sun and let your children make sand castles and make splashes in the water.


Ras al Khaimah for Arabian Culture

Make a visit to Ras al Khaimah where you enjoy the luxuries of Arabian culture and enjoy archaeological exhibits. An evening spent at the beaches with Bedouins and exploring camels is an evening to remember. Be it a romantic night or a day out with your old friends visit this place to relish memories.


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Visit DHow Cruise Dubai Marina


For a relaxing evening, you should visit dhow cruise Dubai marina where you experience lavish yachting with a team of crew members assisting you each time. Gulp in the fresh air and have a sight of the serene views of the Persian Gulf. Celebrate your special days on a cruise by booking yacht rental Dubai and make them memorable.


You can book yacht charter Dubai online and spend a few hours with your loved ones in a calm and peaceful environment. Be it birthdays, marriage anniversaries or a get-together, spend your special moments in a special place so that there’s no one to disturb you.


Go On a Bus Tour


If you want to explore Dubai with the help of a guide then you can book your tickets for a Bus tour. This bus tour allows sightseeing of the famous places of Dubai and with the help of a guide, you gather knowledge about the cultures and traditions of Arabic people. You pass from the famous landmarks of Dubai and there is an ongoing radio commentary entertaining you in 12 different languages. Experience the fun of exploring Dubai on a double-decker bus and have an amazing sightseeing tour of Dubai. 


Long distance travel by car 


Public transport is very convenient in Dubai, but it doesn’t operate everywhere in the city. If you want to go outside or even travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, you may prefer to rent a car. There are certain rules such as having an international driving license and age over 25 to choose this option in the UAE. Many travelers prefer Mercedes G63 rent in Dubai, as this vehicle provides a comfortable and pleasant trip.


Visit Dubai Mosques


Last but not least, don’t miss out on the beautifully architected mosques of Abu Dhabi. If you are a fan of old architectural buildings and colorful mosques then you should visit these mosques in Abu Dhabi that are breathtakingly beautiful and glamorous. Abu Dhabi is the heart of the United Arab Emirates and as you visit Dubai you should plan a visit to Abu Dhabi where you will have an exciting exploration of beautiful mosques.


These are the Dubai attractions that make this city a must-visit place. There is a lot to explore in Dubai, your 15 to 20-day vacation will be toughly scheduled if you want to see each and every place of Dubai. From its shopping malls to its cars everything is fascinating, you just need to pack your bags and book your next vacation trip to Dubai.

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