Picking A Great Souvenir for Friends On International Travels

New experiences and making memories are some of the best things about traveling. Besides having hundreds of photographs to show for it, you can also collect gifts. You can not always take your friends with you. However, you can share the experience by bringing them souvenirs. You should set a traveling budget and ensure that the gifts do not interfere with your financial plans. So how do you choose a souvenir for a friend? 


There are things to consider of course like firstly, what they will appreciate. But some other things are budget, whether or not you can bring it back to your own country, and whether or not it will be an issue to travel with regard to size and weight. Here are some things to consider when in order to choose a souvenir for a friend or family member. 


Day of the Dead in Mexico with Kids, choose a souvenir for a friend

Glass hearts for sale in the gift store of Xcaret in Mexico


Travel Tip: Optimize Your Comfort


Prior preparation is the best way to keep the inconveniences at bay. You should ensure that you pack everything you need for the trip. Your tickets and money should be easy to access and safe from loss and theft. Limit your luggage to keep the costs low. Make sure that you have comfortable clothes to wear during the trip. Optimize the comfort of getting yourself a few Aviation Shirts. They are of high quality, available in a variety of colors, and with catchy messages to help you express your passion for traveling with style.


Ensuring your comfort will also help you when packing your gifts up for your friends and family. Here are a few things to consider before picking the gifts.


Norwegian Trolls in a store, choose a souvenir for a friend

Norwegian Trolls in Norway


How to Choose a Souvenir for a Friend or Family Member


What’s the Total Cost of Purchasing the Souvenir?


The expenses include the initial price and any additional fees you will incur to take it home. Limit your collection too small, lightweight items that do not occupy a lot of space. They should not add significant weight to your luggage and lead to overage fees. Also, your friend does not have to incur extra costs to create some space for your souvenir. In short, keep it small (but not too small), light, and easy to maintain. 


You should also be prepared to have a budget just for spending on your friends and family. This will ensure that you don’t go overboard and that you can still get everyone something.


Universal Orlando Resort, Islands of Adventure, Hogsmeade

Wands at Diagon Alley


What Do Your Friends and Family Like?


This is a clear and obvious question you should have the answer to. And if you don’t know, try to make an effort to get an idea of what they like before you’re traveling. What color do they prefer? What type of things do they collect? Do they have a specific taste in decor, clothing, jewelry? These are all great questions to ask yourself if you don’t already have the answers, and it will help you choose a souvenir for a friend or family member with care.


Different people like different things and places too. You do not have to buy gifts for all your friends whenever you travel. Consider what a specific one wants and identify what best suits them depending on where you are. Also, your gifts do not have to be items that sit on a shelf. You can limit your collection of practical and useful things. That can be a coffee mug or a small purse. They can be used once in a while instead of collecting dust in a box somewhere.


I personally have run out of places to put “things”. I much more prefer functional items like jewelry, scarves, gloves, books, perfumes, lotions, soaps, coffee mugs (although I’ve really run out of space for those too). Plus, functional items will ensure that they use the item often and are always reminded that they are special to you.


Universal Orlando Resort, Islands of Adventure, Marvel Island

Geeky finds at Universal Orlando


Make Sure You Choose a Souvenir for a Friend that’s Legal


You do not want to purchase something that later gets you in trouble. Stay away from banned items, anything that you need a license to travel with or use, and products like fake designer clothes, shoes, and bags. You can take notes or coins to a friend who collects foreign currencies. It is essential to ensure that they are not fake because you never know when he or she might decide to use them. It is best to trust your instincts and avoid items that look or feel unethical. That ensures that you travel with ease.


Alongside legal items, it’s also important to note that some items are banned for carrying on. I used to buy my son a snow globe in every single place I traveled to. Somewhere during my travels, the snow globes became banned for carrying on. And since I never check baggage, I found myself having to check my bag when I really didn’t want to. 


Sacred Mayan Journey Xcaret

A handmade blanket in Mexico


Handcrafted Items Are Great Souvenirs


Such handmade items are representative of their places of origin. They are attractive and straightforward gifts that anyone can use as home decor. Purchasing them also promotes the local economy. It is best to buy them from museum gift shops, local stalls or supermarkets. It can also be an item that you make when interacting with the locals. That has a personal touch. Either way, the fact that you thought of them in the first place is personal and special.


If you are not sure what souvenir suits a friend, do not be afraid to ask. Having an idea of what someone loves makes it easier to pick the right gift. In addition to that, buy useful items, limit your spending, and stay away from illegal or unethical things. If you have a terrible feeling about purchasing something, leave it for something with which you are more comfortable.


It is good to keep the memories of your travels alive. Share the love and experience with your friends by getting them things that they like. If you follow these tips you’ll be able to choose a souvenir for a friend or family member without a hitch. For more travel tips, be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post!

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