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Things to Do in Padstow, Prawn dish

If You’re Planning a Trip to the UK Here are Some Things to Do on the Padstow Coast

When looking for things to do on the Padstow Coast, you want to consider outdoor recreation, food and where to stay. This coastal area is a serene destination with rocky coasts and a rich variety of food just North Cornwall. Home to a vibrant fishing port and coastal landscapes, Padstow is the beginning and end of the Camel Cycle trail. If you’re planning a trip to Europe, consider this destination as the focal point of your adventure.


A List of Things to Do on the Padstow Coast


Cycling on the Padstow Coast is Vibrant


If you are an avid bike rider, the 18 mile Camel Cycle trail is a perfect way to experience the rolling landscapes and serene beaches of North Cornwall. The trail is free of traffic as it winds through Wenfordbridge, Bodmin, Wadebridge, and Padstow. If you rent a bike from one of the many bike shops in Padstow, you can make your way through wooded areas like Camel Valley and sleepy settlements like Dunmere. Stop at one of the many rest stops along the way for public restrooms and cozy cafe meals.


Things to Do in Padstow


Where to Stay on the Padstow Coast


Padstow has a variety of holiday homes available for rent. The style of home in this area is cozy and contemporary, distinctly touched by the rich medieval history in addition to the immigrant American and Canadian influences from the 1800s. If you want the true experience of immersive culture that this area has to offer, consider checking out some of the properties that are available year-round. Harbour holidays has a great database for researching your home away from home for the duration of your adventure in Padstow.


Fishing Along the Coast is Refreshing


Padstow’s main industry is fishing due to their position on both the Camel River and the Atlantic Ocean. If you want a taste of the fishing industry, you’re in luck: there are a multitude of fishing spots where you can cast your reel and enjoy the beautiful coast. If you’re visiting during the summer, you can also rent a local fisherman’s boat for a real fishing adventure. Even if you stay on land, enjoying the rocky coast-line and stunning cliffside views is well worth a day of your trip.


You Won’t Want to Miss the Food Along the Coast Either


Padstow is well known for its eateries. Often cited as Cornwall’s food capital, you can enjoy a variety of both local and non-local dishes at award restaurants. If you do nothing else in Padstow, stopping at a new restaurant every night will surely leave you full, happy, and ready for another round. The most famous food spot in Padstow is Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant, which started the village’s legacy as a foodie destination. However, if you want some more local eats, you’re in luck:


Prawn on the Lawn is a great place to sample the local fish and cuisine selection. If you want a hole-in-the-wall experience, consider visiting the homey JoJo’s Cafe located near the quay. They’re serving up delicious cafe eats and an at-home ambiance to keep you comfortable on your trip.


Things to Do in Padstow


Water Sports to Consider 


Because of Padstow’s proximity to the water, it’s a great place to participate in some water sports; you can surf, water-ski, and kayak through the rocky waters of the fishing town. The beautiful beaches are a haven for water-sports enthusiasts all around Cornwall. Even if you have no experience with surfing or water-skiing, you can still enjoy the fun by taking lessons at the variety of schools around the area. Or, if you’re not inclined towards activity, lounging on one of the many beaches is still a great way to spend an afternoon.


There are many things to do on the Padstow Coast. It is a great place to take a week-long or weekend trip. In the summer, try getting out into the sun for some fun on the water, or try your luck with a fishing pole in one of the many fishing spots around Padstow. You can experience the quaint, contemporary style of housing and the delicious foods of Padstow at any time, and the memories you make in this coastal city will be well worth the trip.

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