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Traveling in Style, Spring Streetwear for Kids

Spring is an odd season to prepare for. With both sunshine and rain, it can be hard to choose spring streetwear for kids. What’s important is that they’re comfortable in what they’re wearing no matter what the weather throws at them. So, enjoy dressing your child in funky patterns with these top tips to remember.


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spring streetwear for kids
Photo by Sai De Silva on Unsplash


Spring Streetwear for Kids


Kids Jackets Are a Must for Spring Streetwear for Kids


Even with hotter weather on the horizon, we will more than likely see a downpour or two this spring. Spring streetwear for kids can be fickle. Keep your kids clean and looking fresh with a waterproof coat. There are many kids jackets on the market with a range of styles and colors to choose from. You may want to choose a lightweight jacket or one with soft, insulating padding. It can be a good idea to choose a bright and distinctive color to help you spot your child in a crowded playground – and they’ll love it too. With funky patterns and unisex varieties, you can choose a jacket that’s perfect for your child.


Layering is Practical


Combat the fickle weather by layering up. Start with a warm base using cool cotton or warming wool and add a shirt or pinafore to the outfit. It’s all about clever pairing with spring fashion trends so that you’re flexible. You could match or contrast colors, or use just one patterned item with a block of color. Whether you pair a long-sleeved top with a bobble hat or a skirt with woolly tights, it’s about blending vibrant design with comfort items. Layering is good for spring as you can interchange items easily depending on the temperature.


Lightweight Shoes Will be More Comfy Than Boots


Boots may be too heavy and warm to wear during this time of year so you could make the switch to something light-yet-sturdy. When you’re choosing a shoe design you should pick something with a good grip. Have a think about the type of outdoor play your child enjoys doing. From climbing in the park, jumping in puddles to wandering through nature on country walks; all kids shoes will need to be durable after all. When it comes to spring streetwear for kids, you have to be ready for anything.


spring streetwear for kids
Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash


Jeans Will be Durable and Warm Enough


Durable denim, corduroy jumpsuits and playful pinafores. These alternatives to skirts, shorts and pants are great because they’ll allow your kids to move, jump, dance and run around freely. Dungarees are perfect for an active day out with the family as they can be dressed up or down by adding a nice top underneath the dungaree or pair with some funky accessories.



Remember that kids are kids; they’re going to want to run around, get muddy and play outside. With the risk of kids scraping their shoes or getting a hole in their pants, spring streetwear for kids should be based more around practicalities rather than style. This means you shouldn’t take a child’s fashion too seriously. If they want to wear a superhero cape for outside play that should be fine too. If they’re warm and dry and are happy to run around outside then whatever they wear is good enough.

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