5 Traits of a Good Hotel Bed to Look for When Reading Reviews

How do you know if you’re going to end up with a good hotel bed when you travel? When going to a hotel, one of the best feelings is when you go to bed and just sink right into it. In that moment, it’s the most comfortable bed you’ve ever slept on. You wonder ‘why isn’t my own bed this good?’ and put it down to being some mystical magic hotel magic.


Well, it’s not magic, and it is possible to have your own comfortable hotel bed. But before you can do that, you need to know what the traits of a good hotel bed are. Hotel brands make a lot of money, with some worth billions of dollars, which means that they need to make sure their beds are as comfortable as can be. 


If you’re looking for what the ingredients to that perfect night’s sleep are, we’ve got some answers. Read on to learn about the 5 main traits of a good hotel bed so that you know what to look for in your own bed.


What Makes a Good Hotel Bed?


Some of this depends on the guest. But there are a few common denominators among all travelers. 


Soft White Sheets


Every good hotel bed you’ve ever slept on will have probably has soft, crisp white sheets on it. The best sheets will feel soft and fresh to the touch and make you want to jump right into them. An interesting factor about this is that all good hotel beds use white linens. At home, we carefully pick out good designs and patterns for our beds, but white is the staple of a good hotel bed. Hotels use white sheets since it looks clean and it’s like a symbol of luxury, so it tricks our minds into having a better, more luxurious sleep.


This may be because the cleanliness of white sheets makes the whole room feel fresh and inviting. At home, you should be cleaning your sheets once a week but, in a hotel, they’re cleaned much more often. 


Good Quality Pillows


You can’t very well sleep in a bed with no pillows and most good hotels will invest in high-quality pillows for all their beds. Good pillows need to be soft but firm – they have to support your head and neck while you sleep.


Some hotels only offer one pillow, but many others offer two. Some rooms will have additional pillows in the cupboard for you to use if you need to. Good pillows should keep your head aligned with the rest of your body and conform to your sleep style.


Sleep style varies from person to person, whether you’re a side sleeper, tummy sleeper or back sleeper. A good pillow will help you stay comfortable no matter which way you sleep and most good hotel beds will have these kinds of pillows.


good hotel bed


A Great Mattress


The most important factor of a good hotel bed is, of course, the mattress used. Really good quality mattresses will use materials that offer your body the right support and help you get better sleep.


Casper mattresses are a perfect example of a great mattress since their mattresses use a hybrid foam material. This material offers the best of both a spring mattress and a memory foam mattress and it even fits inside a box. It offers a dynamic surface to provide the sleeper with balanced comfort and temperature regulation. This is what makes Casper mattresses some of the best you can find, and lots of celebrities agree since Casper mattresses have been endorsed by names like Gillian Anderson and Kylie Jenner.



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Good hotels will splash out for the best quality beds they can because they know how important good sleep is to travelers. You could have all the extras down to a tee but the number one aspect to a comfortable bed is the mattress it has.


Fluffy Mattress Topper


Any good hotel will also use a fluffy mattress topper in addition to their high-quality mattress. A good mattress topper will offer the sleeper with additional support and protect the bed.


We know that, when we come to a hotel, we aren’t the first people to have slept on that bed. Adding a comfortable, fresh mattress topper gives an added sense of cleanliness and security to the sleeper, no matter how fancy the hotel may be. 


A good mattress topper in addition to a good mattress will provide the sleeper with added support and help adjust to your sleeping style to make your night even more comfortable.


Attractive Bed Frame


One of the first things you actually notice about the bed when you first walk into your hotel room is the bed frame itself. It may not offer a great deal when it comes to your quality of sleep, but the aesthetics can have a big impact on the bed. 


The bed frames used in hotels vary massively between each place. Some offer humble, minimalist designs, and others offer opulent, almost regal four-poster beds and gold frames. It totally depends on your own preference. 


A good bed frame will be a solid structure that doesn’t creak or move too much, and it should support the mattress so that it doesn’t sag or lie unevenly.


You want to make sure you’re checking into an overnight stay with a good hotel bed. Poor sleep can ruin your day and even keep you from going anywhere at all. So read the reviews of hotels and see what others are saying about the property before you reserve your room. Looking for more travel tips? Or maybe you want updates on budget flights? Be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post!

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