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yacht vacations, greece

Yacht Vacations in Greece Can Cost as Much as Beach Vacations in Florida

You read that right, yacht vacations might be unknown to most of us here in the US, but get your fancy pants over to Greece and you’ll be throwing down in style. It’s become one of the most popular summer experiences to be had in the Mediterranean and for good reason.


Crystal blue water, ancient myths and legends, and the sweet release of spending days in your bathing suit while being sun-kissed and worry-free. Now I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I know you’re not made of money (because if you are you can send me some).


But you’d be surprised how affordable it is to take a trip like this. With flight deals and special pricing packages with companies like Ocean Elements, you can really score a pretty incredible trip, one you can be proud of (along with that tan).

Yacht Vacations Things to Do in Greece

Yacht Vacations, the Epic Adventure You Never Knew You Needed

There are a few things to consider before you pack your sunblock and bikinis. Budget, logistics, and your tolerance for the sea. The last thing you want to do is feel rushed, broke, and seasick.



Okay, so let’s talk money. What would it really cost to fly you and three of your family members (or friends if you’re a straight baller in which case you might want to skip to logistics)?


If we were to compare say, an ocean view beach vacation rental for four in Florida for 14 overnights, your overnight costs would run in the home of $5,000 + tax. That doesn’t include anything but your pillow, no yachts for you.


Yacht rentals in Florida typically rent out for $250/hr or $400 for a half-day. So to have all-day access for seven days to a yacht in Florida, you’re going to be spending about $5,000. Flights to Florida, wheels and say, spending money, you’re looking at another $3,000.


So, we’ll say $13,000 for a family of four to spend 14 nights at the beach with a personal yacht.


Now, let’s compare renting a yacht in Greece. Also, let’s give a shout-out to Greece because spending your vacation in Greece is always going to be way cooler than spending it stateside.


A catamaran charter in Greece is an unforgettable experience. You can explore the crystal blue waters of Greece, relax on the deck of the boat, and soak up some sun while taking in the beautiful views.


With plenty of room to move around, a catamaran charter in Greece is a great way to explore the area. As long as you plan ahead and take the necessary precautions, a catamaran charter in Greece can be an amazing adventure


If you’re flight savvy and look for budget flights as I do, then you can usually score good deals to Europe.


There are certain sites, my favorite is Scott’s Cheap Flights, that charge an annual fee (theirs is $40) and send you daily flash deals that will blow your mind. You can usually score flights to Europe in the home of $2,000 for four (I’ve seen them even less).


Most yacht vacations include the cost of your direct flights and airport transfer in their per person pricing. Ocean Elements fly guests direct from London, Gatwick.


So figure $2,000 for your flights to Europe, but what about the overnights?

yacht vacations, greece

That’s where yacht vacations come in. Companies like Ocean Elements Sailing Holidays are showing deals for as little as $12,000 for four people and 14 overnights with seven of those nights being spent on your own personal yacht exploring the ancient sea and all of its myths.


Are you following? They offer seven nights at their Vassiliki Beach Club and seven nights on the sea onboard one of their gorgeous private yachts.


And since they’re based in Vassiliki and Lefkas, you know you’re going to be seeing some amazing sights. What’s also cool is that the nights at the beach club include breakfast.


So you’re saving money there. And they offer a variety of things to do like paddleboarding and kayaking which are included in your package (just in case lounging beachside with a cocktail all day wasn’t all you had planned).


When you’re aboard your yacht you can either choose to be on their Flotilla with an expert lead crew doing the planning for you or as a Bareboat or Flexi Flotilla charter if you’d rather brave the waters alone.


They have beautiful yachts to choose from and if you have no idea how to operate a yacht, they even offer beginner classes to get you ready.


So let’s compare:

A family of four for 14 overnights in Greece at a beachside villa for week one + private yacht for week two, plus spending money, flights, and transportation = Approx $15,000.


A family of four for 14 overnights in Florida at a beachside villa + daily private yacht for week two, plus spending money, flights, and transportation = Approx $13,000


The difference between an exotic experience that gets you out of the US and to some of the most spectacular waters in the world is about $2,000.

yacht vacations, greece


You’re going to have to get to London from anywhere, USA if you decide that yacht vacations are officially on your bucket list. Take it from me, if you can get a direct flight then you should. But, chances are you’re going to be living the layover life.


It’s best to get a late morning start if you’re on the eastern side of the US since evening flights leave from 8-10 pm. I prefer the night flights because I can sleep on the plane and wake up in London fresh (as fresh gets after sitting in coach for 10 hours).


You’ll want to be sure to either get a Lyft, Uber, or friend to drive you. But if you must take your own car, look for off-site long term parking locations. You can often grab a deal on Groupon for these for as low as $7/day.


Since you’re totally going to take my advice and arrive in the morning, you won’t need to bother with booking a night in London as you should be able to get your flight to Greece from there.


But, if you’re feeling super adventurous, why not spend a couple of days in London while you’re at it? There are loads of things to do in London that shouldn’t be missed.


Since most yacht vacations offer direct flights and airport transfers, you really need not worry about anything with regard to logistics from this point.


Will You Get Seasick? 

Have you ever been on a cruise before? Did you get sick then? It might be smart to take the proactive route and pick up some ginger gum or a Sea Band from your local drugstore.


But, in case these don’t help, here’s my best advice. Take Dramamine before you board and let it work for about an hour.


Do not go into any small spaces such as the yacht’s restroom or anywhere in the cabin until you’ve passed the hour. Once you’ve done this you should be fine.


If that doesn’t help, then you may have to grab a pillow and sleep under the stars (which if I’m honest, doesn’t sound that bad).


Final Thoughts

So, will you be exploring yacht vacations this year with your family? Or will you pack it up and head back to the Florida beaches that you know?


there’s a little wave of adventure in you to get out and go beyond our domestic waters, find paradise among the rocks of the Ionianian Sea, and explore the ancient myths of Western Civilization as we know it.

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