Tips On How to Save Money for Travel

So many people tell me it’s impossible to save money for travel. A new year should mean planning new adventures. But, after the battering your finances have inevitably taken over the Christmas and New Year period, what are the chances of you being able to afford a break any time soon? Well, if you think outside the box, you might find that you have enough money for a getaway sooner than you think. Here are some tips for getting there.


Tips on How to Save Money for Travel


Claim Back PPI (Payment Protection Insurance)


If you’ve taken out a loan, credit card, mortgage or other credit agreement before 2010, you might have a chunk of money owed to you that you can claim back. Payment protection insurance was sold to a lot of borrowers in the past, ostensibly to help them to cover payments in case of sickness or unemployment. However, this insurance was often pushed onto people without a clear explanation. New regulations which came about in 2010 deemed this practice illegal, meaning that borrowers are owed this money back. 


You can find out if you are owed PPI quickly and easily. You only need to give a few details about yourself and your lenders to have a PPI claim team do all the hard work for you.


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Book Last Minute


If you are looking for a break as soon as possible, why not go today? You don’t have to save money for travel if your travel costs are super low. Booking your holiday at the last minute means that you can find amazing deals on hotel rooms that would otherwise be empty, and empty seats on planes that are about to depart. Companies tend to slash prices the most at the very last minute to encourage impulse buying from people like yourself! Booking your holiday at the last minute can also take you to incredible destinations you never considered before. I like to use a site called Scott’s Cheap flights. I get regular updates on price drops. I pay $40 a year for the service and get regular updates in my inbox. 


Save on Services


There are plenty of ways to save on services every day. While the rumors that you can book airline tickets cheaply through private browsing modes and VPNs are pretty much baseless now, these tricks can still work for booking ground travel. While the savings aren’t huge it can be enough to cover your dinner. And if you’re looking for cheap accommodation consider staying in an Airbnb for a while, by looking into weekly and monthly discounts you may actually pay less by staying longer. Who knew!


Get a Savings App


A great way to save money for your next holiday without even noticing is to get yourself a savings app. There are plenty of different apps out there but they all basically follow the same rules. You’ll attach your bank account to the app, which will then calculate your incomings and outgoings and take small amounts every few days. These amounts will be small enough that you won’t miss them, but they add up fast! You can even add a target amount and date if you have a specific break in mind. I like to use Acorns which rounds up all my daily spending to the nearest dollar and saves it like a digital piggy bank.


Get Cash Back


You will be amazed at how quickly you can save money for travel up simply through shopping online using a cashback site. Instead of simply paying for your purchases directly from the retailer, you’ll just join up to one (or more!) cashback sites. You search the online retailer from the cashback site, where you will be forwarded to the store. Make your purchase as usual and a percentage of your bill will be paid back to you into your cashback account. 


This can be used for all types of online shopping, but if you keep an eye on new deals and trending cashback offers you can get hundreds of pounds back on large purchases or things like switching energy suppliers.


You’d be surprised at all the ways you can save money for travel. It might be a little here and there, or it might be a lot all at once, but with some time and planning, you can afford to plan your dream trip at least every couple of years. If you’re looking for travel tips or more ways to catch budget flights, be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post.

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