Vaping Etiquette 101 – Be the Polite Vaper Not the Annoying One

If you’re new to vaping, you may not know there is such a thing as vaping etiquette. The vaping trend is gaining considerable popularity in the past few years (even more than smoking the best cigars).


Every year, we see new vaping entries on the market and each has its own benefits compared to others.


While some people believe that it can be used freely everywhere because it doesn’t contain tobacco, that is in fact not always true. Especially when you’re traveling. 


However, there are certain unspoken rules that exist when it comes to vaping in public. Whether you’ve just bought your first set or you have some considerable experience with it, this article will give you the basics. 




Is there a need?


The vaping technology is relatively new and it became widespread in recent years. A couple of years ago, nobody knew about sub-ohm vaping or cloud chasing.


As popularity grows, governments enact laws restricting the vaping experience. There are chances that vaping can be legislated as much as tobacco smoking.


What can be said about it? Vape is different than smoke. But still, it’s important to have proper vape manners.


Vaping etiquette, vape


Vaping Etiquette, the Dos and Don’ts

Where to Smoke


Let’s start with the one place where we feel most secure. Our homes are a place where we set our own rules and we can vape freely. With vaping, you can forget about furniture stains and bad smells.


Even if you have guests coming over, all you have to do is open a window to let the clouds out without leaving any bad odor afterward.


Of course, it would be best if you explain to them about the vaporizers, because not everyone is aware of the technology and most individuals are prejudiced.


Surveys reveal that the second most popular location is the car. People do it regularly while they’re stuck in the daily commute. However, some countries like the United Kingdom have passed a law that forbids vaping in cars.


Vaping etiquette


According to it, a driver can lose up to nine points from their license and receive a fine of around $2,500.


After all, the clouds produced are thick and they can decrease the visibility in the coupe. Thus, you either have to pick a vaporizer that produces smaller clouds or avoid smoking while driving.


Moreover, when you’re on crowded streets, you don’t want to draw additional attention to you as not everyone is fond of the juice used by the vaporizer. It might be the tastiest for you, but others won’t enjoy it.


That’s why it’s strictly against good manners to smoke in public institutions such as cinemas or etc. Of course, in some countries vaping isn’t banned, but the etiquette demands that you ask the person for permission.


Finally, public transport isn’t a place for vaping. In most countries it is already banned, but if it isn’t, it still not a proper place because individuals would inhale the second-hand vapor.


This means no vaping on the train, in the airport or on the bus. You get it.


Vaping etiquette,vape


Social Smoking


It isn’t just about where you’re smoking, but how you behave around others. For example, smoking around children is a no-no. As adults, we have to show a good example.


Scientists claim that vaping e-juice with PG content around animals can lead to anemia or other issues. Also, keep them away from pets and children.


When you are around non-smokers, good manners would demand that you ask them for permission to vape. Facts point out that most non-smokers won’t mind the vape.






It is proven that there’s no risk from second-hand vapor for non-smokers. However, many people dislike the odor, so it comes to basic manners at the end.


If the law doesn’t, then nobody can restrict you from smoking an electronic cigarette, but the etiquette demands that you politely ask


If the people around you are unaware of this technology, then educate them. The chances are that most people won’t mind you smoking around them, so all it takes is to ask them.


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