Everything You Never Knew You Wanted Travel to Do in Siberia

If you want to get boss level on the adventure side of travel, then traveling to Siberia should make it to your bucket list for sure. The ultimate travel to Siberia makes you a hero or a heroine in a unique way. Siberia is a fantastical region which stretches from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Coast. Dense forests, mesmerizing icebergs, incredible wildlife, and crystalline lakes, all coalesce into a magical, otherworldly place that seduces its visitors into a connection with the great outdoors and a thirst for adventure. 


Here in the US, you could take a trip to Alaska and visit the island of Savoonga, the Diomede Islands, or the outer parts of our northernmost state to towns like Wales, Tin City or York. While you’re technically in Siberia, you’d be under 100 miles from Siberia. And here you could take in all the climate changes, and gear up for your Siberian adventure of a lifetime. 


travel to Siberia


Travel to Siberia if You Want to Escape This Planet and Test Your Limits


The Geographical and Demographical Descriptions of Siberia


Geographically Siberia covers around 77% of the whole land area of the Russian Federation. It’s cold weather conditions make Siberia to be lived by 36 million people. Precisely there are only seven individuals per 1 square mile of Siberia. Demographically, Siberian Federal District has 130 Siberian towns, comprising million of citizens –Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, and Omsk.


Historically, Siberia became one of the Russian states in the 16th to 17th centuries, but the first announcement of this region in Russian episodes records the 12th century. This declaration of Siberia to become one of the adorable states was done when Novgorod traders were going to the east to get valuable furs.


travel to Siberia


Chinese records say that Siberia was populated by tribes already in the 2nd millennium BC. This is affirmed by archaeologists who got stone tools, relating to this region. A large funerary boat that was 5 meters long was also discovered at the Ingal Valley, which is at the south of Tyumen. History experts made their predictions that the discovery was made around 3190 years BC. This indicates that Siberia was inhabited earlier before compared to the Egyptian Cheops Pyramid.


travel to Siberia

Lake Baikal


The Astonishing Lake Baikal


100% the attracting crown gem and the most popular attraction feature of Siberia is the charming Lake Baikal. The vast lake is a remarkable world record holder concerning its depth and age. Mostly known as the Great Blue Eye of Siberia, comprises 20% of the global unfrozen freshwater. It is a hospitable home for about 2600 animal species; half of them are incredibly marvelous and live specifically in the Baikal Lake waters. Having an ultimate journey to Siberia makes you see the impressive lake that makes millions of tourists feel elated.


The Unbelievable Railroad


One of the incredible historical events of Russia was the construction of the railroad infrastructure, which was accomplished in 1916. This railroad is highly extraordinary; it is 5800 miles (9288 km) long which is ranked among the longest in the world and takes around seven days in the train to get through the whole Moscow to Vladivostok. The railway gives you a golden opportunity for a spectacular journey and exploration of Russia.


travel to Siberia


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In Closing


The ultimate travel to Siberia satisfies your thirst ego to the brim. The journey gives you a combination of exotic beauty and a chance to discover unknown things. Both the local and the international tourists who explore to Siberia testify that the place has beautiful shimmering sites that make you feel like a king or a queen. Make a wise decision of traveling to this place; it will rejuvenate your tired soul, educate you with your family or mates, and makes you a warrior explorer. 

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