Things to do in South Korea: 5 Destinations Not to Miss

The gorgeous land of South Korea is as exotic as it is wondrous. Packed full with attractive delights, South Korea has enough to offer to spoil anyone for choice. so, in case your next trip is taking you to this magical land, here is a list of five places that you will not want to miss visiting.


Things to do in South Korea


Things to do in South Korea




Seoul is obviously the first name that glistens on the top of every traveler’s itinerary, and not just because it is the capital city. And the moment you take the KTX train from Busan to Seoul, you will know why. Seoul is vibrant and combines sprawling modern architecture with urban delights, night scene, exquisite parks, and promenades. But while it may seem like the perfect place to dance the night away, that is not all that Seoul is. Like every city in South Asia and South Korea, Seoul is rich with history and vibrant with culture. It also has a stupendous number of chic shopping destinations and eateries that serve mouth-watering delicacies. An ideal day spent in Seoul not only takes you through the shopping district of Gangnam but also acquaints you with the history of the land in the form of the collections exhibited in the War Memorial and the National Museum.


Things to do in South Korea


Jeju Island


Located over 80 kilometers away from the glistening shoreline, this beautiful island has become a household name for people all over the world since Korean dramas started choosing this land adorned by pine forests as their location. And with good reason. Jeju was recently voted one of the seven natural wonders in this world, with its shining and somewhat surreal sandy beaches and land pockmarked with gorgeous volcanic formations. From Halassang National Park to Seongsan Sunrise Peak, the island is rich with natural delights and bursting with a many-hued culture.


Things to do in South Korea




Busan may be only the second-largest city in South Korea, but it is definitely one of the more well-known names since it hosts the largest international film festival in Asia every year. Trying to sum up what Busan has to offer is an adventure in itself. It combines the whiff of the urban life with structures that scrape the sky with the grandeur of the mountains and the quiet majesty of several well known Buddhist temples. It’s beaches glimmer with soft sand and the waves offer up delicacies that are sold at the fish market of Jagalchi and served up in plates at the many restaurants and food stalls. Busan, thus, is not just somewhere you go on a vacation. It is an experience that will stay with you for life.





If you are somewhat of a history and art person, Gyeongju is not somewhere you can pass up on. The entire coastal city itself is often termed an open-air museum and it is one that you can delve deep into to discover the vibrant heritage and traditions of the land.  The Bulguksa temple is a UNESCO heritage spot and, along with the National Museum, offers up a historically and culturally rich collection that can take anyone’s breath away. Once the capital of the Silla kingdom, Gyeongju, thus, is a land that lets you travel in time to rediscover the ancient and traditional roots that make up this land.




This National Park is a stupendous collection of almost seventeen hundred islands and structures and is definitely one of the most popular places to visit in South Korea. Cheongsando island is one of the most scenic islands that is part of this surreal collection and offers of enchanting landscapes and vistas with slow city life moving through its structures. Heuksando and Hongdo are two other popular islands that you can visit on a boat only to have your breath taken away by the natural scenery.  

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