Magical Christmas Vibes – Five of the Best Salzburg Christmas Market Locations


A Christmas break to winter wonderlands such as CLC World’s Alpine Centre in Austria wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the bustling, festive market in Salzburg, renowned around the world for its bright and beautiful Christmas markets where you can sample the variety of locally crafted delights and seasonal snacks at your leisure. To help you navigate your way through the city of Mozart this December, we’ve pulled together the best Salzburg Christmas market locations so you can have all the magical holiday vibes. Take a look below and start planning your festive feasting.


Best Salzburg Christmas Market Locations


Salzburg Christmas Market Location 1: Cathedral and Residenzplatz


Salzburg Christmas Market Locations


This Salzburg Christmas Market location is the most central on the list, held in the Cathedral and Residenz Square, making it one of the easiest to find. A historic tradition, this market is thought to have been enchanting locals and visitors alike since the 15th century! The location itself is stunning, as it’s nestled right at the foot of the Hohensalzburg Fortress and stately Salzburg Cathedral. With over 95 stalls to browse, it’s easy to spend many a happy hour browsing all kinds of food, drink, crafts, toys, clothing, gifts and more.


Salzburg Christmas Market Location 2: Hellbrunn Courtyard


Just a short ride away from the city center, this Salzburg Christmas Market is located against the romantic inner courtyard of Schloss Hellbrunn. The main courtyard is stunningly decorated in true festive style with more than 700 Christmas trees, all adorned with lights, baubles and tinsel. Perfect for children, this market even includes pony rides and a petting zoo.



Salzburg Christmas Market Location 3: Mirabellplatz


This market in Mirabell Square is one for the foodies. Famous for its delectable culinary delicacies, it’s the number one spot to pick up a mug of delicious mulled wine and explore the feast displayed in a myriad of Christmassy stalls. Easily accessible by train or bus from the city center, Mirabellplatz market should certainly make your list of must-visit markets this December.


Salzburg Christmas Market Locations


Salzburg Christmas Market Location 4: St. Leonhard


The St. Leonhard Advent Christmas market is not only an incredible treasure trove of the most beautiful arts and crafts from Austria, but it is also a charity event on an inspiring scale. All of the proceeds from the market are donated to local charities helping people with disabilities, including contributing to the cost of setting up residential centers, and the sum raised each year is not insignificant – in the region of 90,000 euros each Christmas. This very special market offers an incredible way to discover some unique gifts whilst contributing to a good cause.


Salzburg Christmas Market Location 5: Hohensalzburg Fortress Courtyard


Salzburg Christmas Market Locations


Situated within the charming inner courtyard of Hohensalzburg Fortress, this market is particularly well suited to lovers of Christmas music, particularly of the choral singing variety. Each year there are a whole host of spellbinding live performances in the square, filling the beautiful grotto with enchanting live music to savor as you browse.


If you’re heading to Salzburg for the holidays there is no doubt that you will have a very magical experience. From the music to arts and markets, you will find all the warm and cozy Christmas vibes at every turn. And if you’re looking for more tips like budget flights or travel hacks, check out my travel tips section!


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