7 Florence Travel Tips For Your First Visit

So, you’ve decided to visit Florence for the first time? Congratulations to you on your choice! As you would find out pretty soon, there is a lot to do here (read: eat, drink). By now, you’ve already filled your itinerary with must-see sights and marked down to the last detail places to visit in Florence. The thing is, as most visitors would found out Florence offers a unique experience that often takes them by surprise. Most, when they visit, they expect to find things done the way it’s done back home. Unfortunately, they’re usually in for a rude awakening.


Florence Travel Tips For Your First Visit


So, to help you make the most of your visit, here are seven tips you must know about Florence.


Florence is a compact tiny city  

This means you can walk across the city end to end in a little over 30 minutes. If you’re staying at the Hotel Brunelleschi in Florence Italy – you’d be just a 5 minutes’ walk away from the other city neighborhoods. Now, due to the size of the city, most places are strictly pedestrian. Yeah, you read that right – you’re going to walk miles of cobblestone streets – well, that’s for good as you’ll have the chance to soak in the atmosphere of the city.



Never forget to wear a comfortable shoe.

This follows the first point, you already know you would be doing a lot of trekking – it’s better done in comfy footwear.  Don’t forget it’s not just on the street you’d be doing a lot of walking – inside the museum while admiring the masterpieces on display and also while climbing the over 460 steps to the top of the Duomo.



No shorts, short dresses, or open shoulders inside the church 

Often visitors are caught unawares about this. The thing is, regardless of whether you’ve been on the queue for the past half an hour, you wouldn’t be allowed inside. If you are going to wear an open shoulder dress, better carry along a scarf to cover up when entering the church.



Carry cash when going out 

Most cafes, craft shops, galleries, restaurants, and local groceries here don’t accept credit cards or ATM cards. You don’t want to be stuck for lack of cash when you see something you would love to purchase.



Central Florence is quite noisy at nights 

If you’re staying in neighborhoods like Santa Croce with a lively nightlife, you may want to use an earplug at night.



Most shops, restaurants, and museums are closed on Mondays.

You can schedule a day trip to Tuscany or any of the nearby towns.



Pay half the price when you take your coffee at the bar 

A unique thing about Florence is that having your coffee standing at the bar is half the price compared to having it at a table.  So, depending on how much you want to spend, you can sit at a table and leisurely sip your coffee or have it at the bar.  And while at it, keep in mind that there are no free refills on water and soda

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