Celebrate Halloween At These Unique Party Venues


Everyone loves Halloween party venues. This holiday is one of the most enchanting holidays of the year. It is enjoyed around the world in many different cultures, religions and from young to old. It’s a universally celebrated occasion to walk on the wild side and dress up in character costume. Whether you go with a classic look or for the ultimate scare, there is a perfect costume out there for you.


If you are a world traveler you may be interested in attending one of the many Halloween festivals around the world. For many, staying local and celebrating with friends is the only ticket for them.


Halloween Party Venues 


Have some fun getting dressed up and taking your kids out for trick or treating and then get together with friends for some grown up fun on the town. From a costume party at your local pub to checking out some Halloween Breakout Games, there are some spectacularly spooky options to try for a Halloween that you will remember.


Haunted House


Get your bravest friends together and head out to your local haunted house. See how long you can bear the terror of walking through a horrifyingly haunted house or farmer’s maze. It’s always good for a good scare and the best laughs. Also see Universal Orlando Resort Halloween Horror Nights.


Escape Room


What could be scarier than being locked in a terrifyingly scary Breakout Room with your friends? How long will it take you to use your combined knowledge and wit to solve the clues and puzzles to be able to escape from the game?


Rocky Horror


Get in on the audience fun with full participation while watching a midnight screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Dress up as your favorite characters and sing along with all of the famous movie music and gags.


Night At The Museum


There are many local and national museums that have started to offer a unique Halloween package for their bravest Halloween guests. Have a haunted adventure in your favorite museum after it is closed to the public for the evening. You never know what you may see or what may come to life.


Zombie Walk


Sign up for your local Zombie Walk. In many areas the walks are part of a charity organization and can be a great way to do your part for the community. Use your imagination and create a creepy costume and hit the road with the zombie mob. Or maybe you should check out the Walking Dead film locations!


Amusement Park


Stay after hours and enjoy the thrills of the roller coasters and rides in the dark with a Halloween party at your nearest amusement park. Tour the haunted houses and exhibits and enjoy exploring the park after dark.


Corn Maze


Test your problem-solving skill with an old-fashioned corn maze. From the family oriented to the haunted and terrifying, there is a corn maze waiting for you this fall. Get in costume and race your friends to the end or see who makes it through the fastest.


No matter where you want to celebrate your Halloween, the most important thing is that you are surrounded by your favorite people.

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