Make Your Formal Outfit Special with These 3 Accessories

Whoever you are and wherever you come from, you probably enjoy dressing up with formal wear for special events. Everyone likes getting their best outfit pressed and prepared, sliding into silk gowns, tailored suits and expensive shoes before strutting your way into a ballroom full of equally well-dressed people. There’s just something really enjoyable about going somewhere luxurious while glamorously dressed from tip to toe.


There’s a problem though. If everyone at the event is dressed really well, then how do you make an impact? Your expensive dress, shoes or suit are much less likely to draw the eye of others if all the other guests look the same as you. It’s a true dilemma but it has a solution – accessories.


Within the field of fashion, accessories have always had the power to make or break an outfit. Turning a haphazard combination of styles into a refined and elegant ensemble. In a formal setting, accessories are the only difference between you and those around you, particularly if you’re wearing a suit.


To help you pick out something that nobody else will have, here’s a short list of the more understated accessory options available.


Formal wear


Standing Out at a Formal Event




From business suits to wedding shirts, cufflinks stand tall as an essential part of any formal look. Silver cufflinks are particularly useful because they add shine and elegance to your outfit whilst maintaining a neutral color scheme. This means that you don’t need to worry about your silver cufflinks clashing with the rest of your accessories, you can be confident that they will work (or they won’t look bad at least).


The best cufflink selections are those based in silver with little hints of pattern or color that bring out other parts of your ensemble. For example, if you’re wearing a block color jacket, shirt, tie, or skirt, then wearing an ornately carved cufflink will draw the eye and add texture to your outfit. Similarly, if there are lots of patterns in your formalwear, block color or simple designs on your cufflinks will gently contrast this and prevent the risk of overpowering the viewer with different designs.


You can even get novelty cufflinks that feature popular icons, unique designs or unusual materials – the options really are endless. If you’re worried about where you can find some good cufflinks, a great place to start is Tateossian. They offer a variety of styles and colors that should be able to fit your needs or give you ideas.


Formal wear

Personalized Leatherwear


Willing to go for a more expensive option? Personalized leatherwear has always had a certain rustic beauty to it. Whilst leather hasn’t always been associated with glamorous formal events, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it work. It’s very easy for an onlooker to tell if a leather product is of high quality or not. Even without a brand name, exceptional leather has a certain shine and look to it that indicates its exclusivity and this is only made truer if you personalize it with gold initials.


Use leatherwear to break the mold and draw attention.




Finally we have gloves. Gloves are an iconic part of any look and can truly turn an average outfit into a masterpiece. For hundreds of years people have worn gloves for both fashion and practical purposes and over that time their shape and styles have changed. From over-the-elbow silk options to a conventional leather approach, it’s easy to find gloves that will add a touch of vintage class to your ensemble.


With each of these accessories you can take your formal look from average and unexciting to eye-catching and exceptional. Don’t assume that you have to spend lots of money on your formalwear though, make sure that you do some research and you’re bound to find appropriate choices within your budget. Now go and blow the competition away!

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