Best Vacation Spots For Fantasy Loving Families

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From Harry Potter to Star Wars to superheroes, fantasy culture has never been so widespread or popular. For families who love all things fantasy, that means it’s never been easier to plan the ultimate in family vacations. From Star Trek to Game of Thrones, there are some destinations you should consider that will not only keep the children fascinated but might also inspire them too. Fantasy culture is absolutely everywhere, and no matter how old your children might be, there’s a fandom out there for them. If you’re looking for the ultimate in fantasy vacation spots, then these three destinations are great starting points.


Best Vacation Spots


Home of the Hobbits


One doesn’t simply walk to New Zealand, but there are plenty of easier ways to get there. It’s a destination that’s become much more popular in the last few years, and that’s largely down to the Lord of the Rings films. With the fantasy series filmed almost entirely in New Zealand, fans can explore some of the most recognizable settings and take part in tours that cover some of the most stunning-looking scenes. New Zealand is a fantastic destination for a family trip, but for those who like their vacations to have a more fantasy element, it’s hard to beat following the route of the Fellowship of the Ring.


The Ultimate Nerd Mashup Vacation


While it’s great to focus a family vacation on a set number of interests, there is a way to encompass every potential nerd fandom that your family has an interest in. Comic conventions have never been bigger, and San Diego Comic Con is the biggest and most important fantasy event in the world. Every year, it is the site where thousands of fans gather to spot celebrities, watch exclusive trailers, buy every kind of merchandise imaginable, and soak up the ultimate in fantasy atmospheres. If you’re looking for a vacation that has a bit of everything, then SDCC should be high on your list of potential destinations.


Magic and the British Accent


For family members of all ages, there’s always been something a little special about Harry Potter. It’s a firm favorite around the world, and that means that the UK has an entire industry built up around the film series. There are so many great locations to go and check out that it’s worth looking for some all inclusive child friendly holidays. Head off each morning to visit the next spectacular location, from The Warner Bros Studio Tour to the castles and windswept landscapes where Hermione and her friends fought Voldemort. Potterheads will fall in love with the UK. Don’t forget to visit King’s Cross Station, where you might want to have a go at finding Platform 9 ¾.


But if you’re in the states, you can certainly check out Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure for Diagon Alley and Hogwarts!


Family vacations don’t have to mean being stuck on a beach or standing in line at a theme park all week. Embrace your collective family fandoms and center your vacation around them. Encouraging the creativity and love of art in your children is a good step to building their confidence, and you will have created memories that will last a lifetime.

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