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All the applications listed above are payable. In addition to Scrivener and Office, they cost less than $ 10 and it is not a great expense, considering that a good, pleasant and atmospheric program for writing is the foundation of success, the first step to enjoy the creation of texts. All know that writing, an idea, a sheet of paper and even a pencil are all necessary for writing. However, if technology and the Internet are moving at an amazing pace, why not use the benefits that can significantly help our work.


Best travel apps to check out


The most famous and unbelievable app for online writing is given below:




Microsoft has always preferred to complicate life. Even buying their office package is not as easy as on Apple, because you have all kinds of hacks to choose from and you do not know which one to take, until you finally get the cheapest, then you find out that MS removed from the Picture Manager – the only program that really succeeded and was irreplaceable for years. Each of us wrote in the Office, so I will not explain what it is, but in a nutshell: the climate has none. At least not compared to the programs you will see below. I am surprised by the lambs from this company that seeing how much less complicated writing applications are enjoying, they have not implemented the functionality of the competition.




Used by fans of apples and by many of them considered better, friendlier, more pleasant to use. Everything is nonsense. Pages I used with mousse because only a few days I have MS Office. Pages irritate with warnings that always appear (!) When opening windows files. Under no circumstances is it suitable for writing. At most, the editing, but even inserting comments into the text more conveniently made lambs at Microsoft.




I wrote half of the Blogger in it because I did not have a poppy yet. To my surprise, this program is suitable for everything related to writing. Even creating books,  because in a very clear way you can nicely divide a book into parts, chapters, and subsections in the left sidebar. You will write something in there quickly in online essay writing, write an interesting page and write a note. Regardless of how often you intend to use Evernote, it is a very useful program and it is worth having it on the computer, especially since the competition is far behind.




The only program on the list you regretted because it’s damned expensive. It costs something over 40 Euros, but for people who will love it, it will prove irreplaceable. And many people praise him, actually all of your friends speak about the Scrivener in superlatives, that’s why all decided to give him another chance and easily start working on the easy. The possibilities are enormous, you can create chapters, notes, paste photos, documents, use many templates. If someone writes a multithreaded novel in which he loses himself, then Scrivener is an ideal program that will help the author find him.




Ommwriter is one of many applications that fashion only came to life two years ago. The whole pic boils down to the fact that you get an application where you can only write. Nothing distracts you. does not have any additional functions. You will not paste the table, photos; you have limited possibilities for text formatting. You can only write and write.  Who does not know this type of application, you could ask – but why buy something like a blank sheet of paper, if even a stupid notebook gives you more possibilities to edit the text? Why buy something that theoretically makes the writer not distracted, since I can also take a text document on full screen?


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