Do You Have These Uber Retro Gadgets From the 90’s in Your Attic?

The 90s were times for new beginnings. Any 90s kid knows how the new technologies helped to shape the best years of our lives. All the technologies we enjoy today are present thanks to the great scientists who worked so hard during these years in order to come up with a lot of luxuries that we use to date.


If you are planning to renovate your house or need to remodel any of your rooms, then it is time to get rid of the old stuff. Going through your attic is going to be like exploring a goldmine. You will free up precious space by getting rid of clutter. At the same time, feeling nostalgic by touching your old gadgets and going through the old pictures is something that most of us enjoy. There is a lot of forgotten stuff that has been left for ages. Some of them are surprisingly still good to use. As a matter of fact, these untouched treasures can be used for a lot of fun projects with the family and your own kids. People will love to feel nostalgic by going through their favorite fairy tales and old books. Moreover, the 90s gadgets are very durable and built to last. Some of them might be still well functioning so you can use them to have a lot of fun, so channel your inner nerd!

Awesome Retro Gadgets From the 90’s


Sega Game Console



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Decades before the Xbox and PlayStation, there were years when kids enjoyed the 90s game consoles to a great extent. They were the perfect birthday and Christmas gifts for every boy and girl. Sega introduced its innovative invention in the early 90s and everybody was at awe. There was a portable game console that kids can pack to school, camp or summer destination. This meant hours of uninterrupted fun even when kids had to spend time on their own. It was the first time people could actually pick a game and enjoy it while they are on the go.


Thinking about it now, we know that it was nothing compared to the video games adults and kids enjoy today. It went through batteries fast and it was rather expensive. Nevertheless, it reminds us of the best years when everything was possible.


HP LX100



This laptop is probably the legitimate parent of all the laptops you get to use today. It ran on 2 alkaline batteries and featured a great keypad that allowed you to type comfortably. It lacked most of the features that you can enjoy today in a compact laptop but you could use the MS-DOS 5.0 to run a few simple programs.


Students definitely enjoyed using this laptop as it was more practical to use than a typewriter. However, today’s life can be much simpler and there are a lot of tools and equipment that you can use to make your studying process more fun. A student can ask “Who can write my essay for me?” They will find tens of reliable websites that offer this amazing service by a simple button click like a Edusson. You can also have your assignment checked or edited to guarantee the best results.



Polar Heart Monitor



These heart monitors were and are still crucial in the gear of any fitness enthusiast. If your parents were trying to stay fit or embarked on a journey of weight loss and lifestyle transformation, then you would definitely find one of these cools gadgets in your attic.


The company offered the first heart monitor back in the early 80s but in the mid-90s they created their innovative wrist-based heart monitor that people can wear all day long and take anywhere they want. People who were into cardio and vigorous exercises found it very useful as it showed how a person’s heart rate changed with physical effort. This is why a lot of gym goers and fitness enthusiasts insisted on wearing this wrist device all day long in order to keep an eye on their physical well-being. It was quite trendy for a long period of time. Today, you can find more innovative models that measure your pulse rate, in addition to your blood pressure, the calories you are burning and the fats you are losing. A lot of people find these devices helpful because they are able to keep an eye on their fitness progress. If things go out of control, they know when to stop.

Psion 3A Organizer



This amazing device was a great addition to students’ kits. Instead of carrying a notebook, students would carry this cool gadget, write notes and highlight important dates. It could store dates, phone numbers and important notes in a portable gadget that you can easily put into your backpack for school or for a day out.


It featured 8 different applications that cater to the various needs of users. This was probably one of the first devices that offered multiple functions in one single device and a lot of people found it very useful. It also had a power saving mode to make sure that it will last for a long time.



Sony Handycam DCR-VX1000



This is one of the most popular gadgets found in every 90s home. Thanks to it, every family was able to record its very own best kids movies for unforgettable memories. This is definitely the grandfather of all the amazing digital cams we use today to record our homemade videos. It is portable, easy to use and the results were always spectacular.


People loved how practical this Handycam was. It was used to record birthdays, wedding parties and graduation celebrations because it could be easily carried. The resolution and video clarity were exceptional. Moreover, people were able to transfer videos from and to the computer which was a big plus.


Going through your attic and opening the closed boxes is a chance to get rid of all the forgotten clutter. At the same, it is a great opportunity to remember the past and enjoy the nostalgia.

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