Awesome Travel ideas for Winter Trips

Fairytale queens and princesses need a vacation too! And since she’s devoted her entire life to live within the snow blizzards of Narnia, we can tell that her standards for winter adventures are quite high. Of course, we’re talking about one of the most infamous ice queens from the H.P. Andersen’s tales from Narnia. Ever wondered what ski resort from the real world would most probably satisfy her high standards? Choices are really numerous but here’s what we shortlisted.



If the Snow Queen Took a Winter Vacation, it Would Be Here: Awesome Travel ideas for Winter Trips



Zermatt, Switzerland

If you’re a regular on our blog, you probably already know why so many Americans choose Europe for their holiday these days. And if we’re talking about the best place in Europe for spending your winter holidays, we can’t bypass mentioning Swiss Alps and the famous ski resort of Zermatt.  What makes this resort so magical?

Being a peaceful mountain village in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Zermatt is an excellent hideaway for anyone seeking for a picturesque and breathtaking scenery. Everything in Zermatt is created so visitors feel secluded and privy, it’s hard to even hear motors of automobiles since there are many electric cars in the village itself.



Snowy Mountains, Australia

Being dubbed as the land of kangaroos and usually associated with the Sun, hot weather, palms, surfers and endless sandy beaches, it’s hard for most of us to imagine spending a winter holiday in Australia. However, south of the continent is where all the magic happens. Laying in the deep south of New South Wales is the Snowy Mountains, home of some prominent ski centers of Australia like Thredbo or Perisher.

Formerly known as mountain villages, these resorts grew to stardom during the last couple of decades and are a frequent destination for many tourists coming from Europe and North America. This comes as no surprise if we take into account great accommodation that Lantern Apartments have to offer as well.

Untouched wildlife and stunning landscape of the region makes it a perfect spot for the Narnia wanderers to chill by one of many glacial lakes of Snowy Mountains. This is definitely where the queen of Narnia would go!



Lapland, Finland

If the name of Lapland doesn’t ring the bell for you then you probably didn’t have the chance to listen to stories about Santa Claus’ whereabouts. It’s widely known that this old man is headquartered on the far north of the European continent, most specifically in the Norwegian province of Lapland.

And if you’re up for adventure and you want to put yourself to good use for the busiest night of the year, than you might as well want to lend a helping hand to Santa Claus, Ms. Claus and all their little helpers on a noble mission of delivering packaging to little ones from all over the world.


Now, what better place would you imagine for the ice queen of Narnia to spend her holidays at?


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