Luxury Beach Club Alternatives to the Lohan Beach House

ICYMI, everyone’s favorite Mean Girl is launching a brand-new MTV reality show, documenting her life as the owner of an exclusive beach club in Greece. If you haven’t yet crossed Mykonos off your list, maybe it’s time to consider Lindsay Lohan’s eponymous resort as a possible destination for your next trip. After all, it’s at one of the best beaches in the world.


On the other hand, if you’d rather jump into a pool full of sharks than spend your hard-earned holidays frolicking anywhere near Paris Hilton’s dysfunctional best-frenemy, don’t worry. There are plenty of other exceptional beach clubs dotted around Europe that can keep your chances of bumping into LiLo at a comfortable ‘zero’.


Lohan Beach House Alternatives at the Best Beaches in the World


No Solo Agua Beach Club, Marina de Portimão, Portugal


The Algarve is fast becoming one of the trendiest spots in Europe for soaking up some sunshine and sea. Portugal has a simply stunning coastline, spectacular weather and exceptional charm – perfect for a little R&R. However, despite a wealth of celebrity fans (including Madonna, Michael Fassbender, Christian Louboutin and countless TV personalities and pop stars), the glamorous ‘beach club’ scene hasn’t yet taken off in Portugal.


If you’re desperate to enjoy the soft sand and warm water from the luxury of a cushioned daybed with top-tier service on hand, No Solo Agua is generally regarded as the best place to go. The Marina de Portimão branch is particularly popular, where you can enjoy sapphire salt-water swimming pools, a fantastic menu inspired by world cuisines and, of course, plenty of champagne.


Fontelina Beach Club, Capri, Italy


The beautiful Italian island of Capri has it all; stunning natural scenery, crystal clean water and a true understanding of how to deliver tasteful opulence. Unfortunately, the impressive limestone formation of the island doesn’t lend itself to sandy beaches, so a beach club really is by far the most comfortable way of enjoying the water.


At the bottom of the iconic Faraglioni rocks you’ll find La Fontelina, one of Capri’s finest beach clubs. To get there you’ll need to either brave the steep pathway down the rocks… or take the recommended route of via boat shuttle. It’s worth the trip though. In addition to the stunning lounging location, the club offers excellent seafood and sensational sangria for you to enjoy after you’ve taken a dip.


Dressing to impress is essential for snagging the best spot, but you could take the alternative option and wear whatever you want by hiring a private yacht and indulging in a day off-shore.



Carpe Diem, Hvar, Croatia


Despite the exceptional weather, magnificent landscapes, shimmering blue water and alluring architecture, Croatia seems to have slipped under the mainstream radar. Surrounded by the Adriatic sea, the island of Hvar hosts some of Croatia’s top-rated beaches and A-list celebrity retreats – perfect for spoiling yourself on holiday.


Carpe Diem is the best-known beach club in Hvar, offering an exceptional venue for dining, drinking and partying right on the port. While the night warms up, keep an eye on the VIP section and you might just spot royalty – of the pop or literal variety – as superstars like Beyoncé and Prince Harry have been known to enjoy this club. After midnight, guests are welcomed onto a private ferry that ships them over to Carpe Diem island where the real fun begins.


Nikki Beach, Marbella, Spain


The silky white beaches of Marbella have long been known for hosting the best summer parties at the most exclusive clubs. The pinnacle of this scene has to be the famous Nikki Beach, which opened in 2003. Perfectly set up to meet your every need, expect crisp white loungers, excellent bar service and hedonistic pool parties throughout the season. Well-accustomed to hosting the rich and famous while they blow off some steam, the club also provides a private VIP terrace and an exclusive lounge for anyone looking to lay low.


Marbella also provides high-end luxury off the beach, with Michelin-starred restaurants along the Golden Mile, a marina filled with superyachts and seriously sophisticated rental properties all over the city.


Le Club 55, Saint-Tropez, France


Saint-Tropez is another destination synonymous with style, champagne and golden tans. If you haven’t yet made it to the French Riviera, what exactly are you waiting for?


The legendary Club 55 is still the place to be, offering a relaxed atmosphere that treats everybody as equals (albeit equals that arrive in helicopters and supercars). It’s not as raucous as other nearby beach clubs – Nikki Beach has a branch here, too – but instead, you’ll discover a more refined approach to beach club culture. Don’t miss the bazaar-style boutiques and make sure to reserve your loungers in advance.


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