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Vitamin D affects the health of your nervous system, immune system, bones and muscles. As you can see, it’s pretty important. Do you know the best place to get Vitamin D? That’s right – the beach! Does a beach vacation sound pretty good? If so, you know the BeachRated can help you plan an amazing getaway.


Do you want to avoid the over-crowded, commercialized destinations? If the answer is “yes,” then you need to consider one of the hidden gems on this list. Here you will find beautiful secret beaches all over the world that are ideal if you are looking for a low-key vacation.


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Whitehaven Beach, Australia

whitehaven beach, australia


When you visit this beach, you will encounter a stretch of sand that’s so picture-perfect you’ll think you’re looking at a picture. This beach is found tucked away on Australia’s Whitsunday Islands. It’s only accessible by boat, when the tide is up.


You won’t find any restaurants or cabanas here, but chances are you won’t mind. While there aren’t many amenities, there aren’t too many people, either. You can enjoy the sun, sand and surf during a truly unforgettable trip.


Lanikai Beach (Close to) Kailua, Hawaii


Lanikai Beach Kailua, Hawaii

Chor Tsang @chor@chortsang

All the people and press seem to flock to Waikiki and the North Shore is well-known for the huge waves. However, those who are local to Oahu travel to the Windward Coast. Additionally, even fewer people make it to Lanikai Beach, which is a small, neighborhood beach close to Kailua.


You can spend time sunbathing on the sloping white sand bordered by tall palms and then wander into the gently lapping waves on the coast. Unlike other parts of Hawaii, the water is perfect for a casual swim, or to spend some time snorkeling and getting to know the local fauna.


Englishman’s Bay, Trinidad and Tobago


Englishman’s Bay, Trinidad and Tobago

Misqal Novio Reeza

If you drive along the windy Eastern road in Tobago, you will soon pass Englishman’s Bay. This crescent stretch of sand and amazingly blue waters is a popular spot for locals, but few tourists venture here.


It’s this that makes this beach an appealing hidden getaway. What’s even better, many locals sell lunch around this area, so not only can you enjoy a quiet beach, but also enjoy some of the local fare.


Indian Beach, Oregon

Indian Beach, Oregon

Dan Gold

On any average summer weekend, you will encounter countless cars parked along the road at Cannon Beach. You can avoid all the crowds and noise if you head a bit further north to Ecola State Park. Once here, keep driving through the Sitka spruce forest and you will soon discover Indian Beach.


This beach is the perfect place to take a stroll, find pretty driftwood and check out tide pools. It’s a definite must-visit if you are in the area.


Glyfoneri Beach, Skiathos, Greece


If you are trying to find this small and narrow white sand beach, don’t try asking a local. Chances are, they won’t have a clue.


This beach can only be accessed by track road, which means you won’t find a more secluded paradise. The hideaway is surrounded by Grecian plants and high cliffs, providing you with amazing views. You won’t find any vendors nearby, so be sure to take along some lunch.


As you can see, the world is full of hidden getaways and secret beaches for you to find and explore alone or with your family. If you are looking for something different from the mainstream beaches that are so well-known, then make sure to consider adding these destinations to your list of must-visit locations.


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