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4 of the Most Amazing Things to do in Portugal

Portugal has been a country on everyone’s lips in recent years. Although it has long been known for its sandy beaches and sunny weather, people are fast discovering all the hidden gems this country has to offer. From empty beaches with clear, blue waters, to traditional towns filled with some of the best cuisine, it is unlikely you will find the time to squeeze everything into just one trip.


Best Kept Secrets: Things to do in Portugal


It can be tricky to find the best of these when you are busy planning your trip here, which is why it’s best to take note of some of Portugal’s’ best kept secrets to add to your itinerary. See why Portugal is one of our favorite European destinations.


Ria Formosa


The Algarve is home to some of the most loved beaches in the world. With golden sands and a dynamic landscape, there is no wonder people find great memories here. However, there is one part to the landscape which both mystifies and enchants visitors. The Ria Formosa is something that populates many travelers’ cameras when they return from their trip. As a blooming, blue coastal lagoon, it boasts both views of the sea and of its impressive waters. Any trip to this region wouldn’t be right without taking a look at villas in Portugal, which will add an extra special touch to your adventure.  


Tavira Island


While the coastal city of Faro welcomes thousands of visitors year after year, the small Tavira Island lies just off the coast, and has a different landscape entirely. With impossibly white sands and some of the clearest water in Portugal, you would be forgiven for feeling as though you have stepped right into a Caribbean beach retreat. The island can be discovered in its entirety by walking around its mere 11km of coast. However, you will find the best way to enjoy it is to swim in its warm waters and relax on the comfortable sun loungers.




When people come to see the cityscapes of Portugal, they are immediately drawn in by the cable cars of Lisbon and the southern shores of Faro. Yet, Porto boasts one of the richest histories in the country, and you can see its colorful buildings line the coast as you wind through cobbled streets. There is much that can be done here, from having boat trips to indulging in the Baroque architecture. Some of the best city views can be found when you stand on the Dom Luis I Bridge.


Arribada Natural Park


What people tend to forget is that Portugal is home to a stunning natural landscape, which can be reached easily by car or by foot. Although there are many scenic parks dispersed across the country, one of the most beautiful is Arrabida Natural Park. Defined by sloping cliffs and hidden beaches, people can find a haven as they explore its unique setting. There are many points where you can catch sweeping views into the Atlantic, and it is recommended that you watch the sun go down when you visit Cabo Espichel for a once in a lifetime experience.


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