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Anytime Gift Guide When You Need to Shop Mermaid Things for that Magical AF Person in Your Life

Whether you just want to keep the magic alive or you’re looking for an actual mermaid, it can be hard to find fantasy/myth gifts that don’t make your shopping cart look like a child’s playroom. Maybe you’re shopping for yourself, sister, mom, aunt, or that friend who’s super magical.


Either way, finding magical gifts (that aren’t totally cheesy) can be a challenge when you’re trying to score something special. Well, this gift guide will help you for sure no matter what the occasion.


I’ve spent hours combing through the interwebs and Amazon to curate the ultimate gift guide for you (and maybe for me, too) so you can find the perfect birthday, special event, or holiday gift. There are affiliate links here at no cost to you.


They help make my business run. I’ve also included some cool products I’ve received this year that I loved. Check out this ultimate gift guide for all your fairy loving needs.


mermaid gift guide mermaids gift guide

A Super Magical Gift Guide

For the Friend Who Wants to be a Mermaid


I like to think I’m pretty magical myself and air on the side of elegance. I had picked all of these items from either my own Amazon wish list, gifts I’ve gotten or things I couldn’t help but to buy. I hope you enjoy! Check out more of my gift guides here.

mermaid, gift guideThis pink mermaid tea steeps in pink!


81l67KfMANL. SL1500

And this gorgeous loose leaf tea infuser from Kadina for that magical tea!

mermaid, gift guideI’m actually a mermaid mug, goes great with pink tea!

mermaid, gift guideThis is a pretty mug for those who love the mermaid blue!

mermaid, gift guideLet’s be mermaids, grown-up sippy cup tumbler.

mermaid, gift guideI swear by plastic cups with straws when I’m by the pool or even at my desk. I love this tail one!


mermaid, gift guide

I can totally relate to this kitchen towel!



Mermaids are eco-friendly and you should be too! This reusable water bottle is perfect for the mermaid on the go!


Be happy! This ring bowl is great for all your jewelry and mermaid flare!

Mermaid giveaway

This beautiful mermaid market tote will keep you magical whether you’re running errands or hitting the beach.

mermaid, gift guide

I’m obsessed with this Kadina rainbow utensil set. THESE COLORS!!!!

mermaid, gift guide

Need something on the go? May as well in a rainbow! I love this Swell reusable water bottle.

mermaid, gift guide

Moscow Mules just got magical AF in this rainbow tumbler.

mermaid, gift guideNot that you needed a reason to be a mermaid, but here are a few on this mug.

mermaid, gift guideThese fin tumblers caught my eye about a year ago and I’ve wanted them ever since.

81htIZg79UL. SL1500

I’m obsessed with the Mermaid Shimmer Swig wine tumbler! OBSESSED! This insulated 6 oz champagne flute has a PBA free lid, is made of stainless steel and is sweat free!


mermaid, gift guideBetter get a wine holder for that Swig cup!

mermaid, gift guide

This wine cork would make the perfect gift set with the mermaid holder and swig tumbler.

mermaid, gift guideSeal the wine gift set deal with these wine labels! How cute! And perfect, really.

41yqow%2BDTOL. SL1000If you’re going to have to carry around a backup charger, it may as well be in mermaid blue right? This Xcentz portable backup charger has 3350mAh and a built-in flashlight. Chic and pretty.


mermaid, gift guideThe Bath & Body Works Mermaid Lagoon candle is EVERYTHING!

mermaid, gift guideThe Malicious Women Candle Co. cracks me up. Infused with a “nice tail” LOL! This mermaid candle would make an excellent gift.





This Wendy Mignot Coastal Single Freshwater Pearl Necklace is an actual gem from the sea! Perfect for the neckline of any mermaid no doubt! Get your exclusive $15 off promo code here BVFAIRY15



Every mermaid mom needs a Wendy Mignot Coastal Single Freshwater Pearl Bracelet. I love this stunning leather and pearl bracelet. Get your exclusive $15 off promo code here BVFAIRY15

mermaid, gift guideThis blue iridescent pendant looks like it came right from the deep blue sea.

mermaid, gift guideThere is absolutely no way to go wrong with this stunning set. This iridescent pendant and earring set looks like it came from the tears of mermaids or something super magical like that. WOW! Hypnotic!

mermaid, gift guideAny mermaid lover would love this ring.

mermaid, gift guideI love the subtle ode to the sea with this octopus ring.

mermaid, gift guideSimple and stunning, I love this mermaid ring!

mermaid, gift guide

Why not try a few dishes with this mermaid cookbook?!



This is by far one of the coolest books I own. Complete with unicorns, fairies, mermaids and more. This would make a lovely gift for anyone who loves myth and magic.


mermaid, gift guideMake lunch magical with this insulated lunch bag.

mermaid, gift guide

In case you didn’t know, mermaids don’t do dishes! Love this kitchen towel lol!

mermaid, gift guideIn case you know someone who would rather be a mermaid, they might love this kitchen towel.

mermaid, gift guide

Want to know more about the myths and legends of mermaids? Check out Among the Mermaids!

mermaid, gift guide

I love this book! It was sent to me last year and I basically was inspired to make this entire gift guide based on it!

mermaid, gift guide

More interesting takes on mermaid myth, legend, and lore!

mermaid, gift guideI’m in love with this scale phone case. It’s SO pretty!

mermaid, gift guideThese phone ring holders are super pretty. And really useful too. I haven’t dropped my phone since having one.

mermaid, gift guideThe mermaid pop socket is also a win. You can’t go wrong with either the rings or the pop socket.

mermaid, gift guideIf you can’t be a mermaid, at least crawl inside a mermaid blanket and pretend.


mermaid, gift guideI didn’t try these bath bombs by Hallu, but I did love the unicorn bath bombs they sent me.

mermaid, gift guide

I love the branding on the mermaid scrub by Hallu!

mermaid, gift guide

These body bars by Hallu do smell really good!


The Hallu Wish Upon a Star Bomb has a candle to illuminate your relaxing bathtime while you breathe in the scents of hibiscus and water lily. The Wish Upon a Star Bath Bomb retails for $4.97 and will be available at Walmart stores starting March 30.
image 1
The Hallu Mermaid Tiki Torch Bath Bomb has lightable incense. Once the desired level of scent is achieved, add the bomb to your bath to extinguish the ember and indulge in the swirling greens, pinks and purples while absorbing the moisturizing benefits of myrtle and almond oil. The Mermaid Tiki Torch Bath Bomb retails for $5.97 at Walmart and will be available at Walmart stores starting March 30.

mermaid, gift guide

I’m dying over these mermaid makeup brushes! I have the unicorn horn ones and they are actually nice and soft.


If you’re shopping for yourself or shopping for a mermaid loving friend, you will 1000% find something special in this gift guide. And you can feel good about supporting small business while you’re at it. These gifts are all handpicked by me, some were sent to me, others I bought on my own, all magical. Happy shopping!

Christa Thompson

Christa Thompson is the Founder and Chief Editor of The Fairytale Traveler. She started traveling the world in 2003 when she attended a summer abroad study at the University of Cambridge in England. Since then, her wanderlust has been fierce. Her three passions in life are her son, traveling, and being creative. The Fairytale Traveler brand gives Christa the opportunity to do all of these things and to live intentionally every day. "It's never too late to believe in what you love and to pursue your dreams." -Christa Thompson

30 thoughts on “Anytime Gift Guide When You Need to Shop Mermaid Things for that Magical AF Person in Your Life

  1. Oh my gosh I have no words! I am in love! the cups are AMAZING! I shall be adding some of these to my Christmas list this year! thank you!

  2. Oh my, where do I start from? I am in love with the sippy cup and mermaid makeup brushes. They will definitely be great gifts for some people I know xx

  3. What a fun guide! I have friends who would love all of these items! Especially loving the swell bottle and that lunch box!

  4. Oh fun! I’m really liking the jewelry pieces! The blanket is really clever too. It would make for a great gift!

  5. I love everything you have listed here. I’m a huge fan of mermaid items as well. The colors are so beautiful, and just the whole theme of mermaids is wonderful.

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