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Parenting 101: How Taking Care of Yourself Makes You a Better Mom

There’s a beautiful illusion in motherhood and parenting. You want to fully meet your child’s needs and dedicate them as much of your time as possible, but meanwhile, you completely forget about your own needs and wishes, just because you put yourself last. But remember that taking care of yourself makes you a better mom, as more and more experts suggest.

You might think it is selfish to put yourself first once in a while since now you are a full-time mom. However, taking care of yourself has an impact on the baby’s mood and well-being. Hard to believe, right? This article aims to show you that taking care of yourself makes you a better mum and an even more fulfilled person.


Why Parenting Includes Taking Care of Yourself


Being a mom takes all your time, leaving you with a bun instead of a healthy treated hair, dark fatigue bags around your eyes, and eating whenever the baby is sleeping. Taking care of yourself includes everything from health and dieting to focusing on your clothes and shoes and managing your own beauty-related needs.

Your face and body go through various transformations during pregnancy which you can manage by turning to expert product reviews such as those on SweetMomsBlog. If you are looking for a mom-care website that can help shed some light on what motherhood has changed in your life and how to counteract the negatives, check the linked website.

Taking care of yourself offers you extra energy, motivation, and a self-confidence boost whenever you’re leaving home with your child or just playing with them. A happy mother is better than a sad and tired one.

Moreover, being a mother involves stress and sleep deprivation. You schedule changes, and you’ll have a hard time to adjust. These changes lead to a high release of cortisol into your bloodstream, which may result in visible fat gains around your waist. Your body reacts to sleep deprivation by making a fat back-up while you are trying to lose the baby weight after pregnancy.

You will also face other demoralizing factors such as dark skin spots, breasts size and shape changes, and the extra weight as the baby grows.


Impact on Your Life


Sticking to an eating plan provides you with enough energy to work in your home during the day. You are in control of the carbs and protein you eat and can avoid gaining more weight.

Using the baby’s afternoon sleep time to exercise allows you to:

  • Have a firmer skin;
  • Minimize the expansion of varicose veins which sometimes appear during pregnancy;
  • Stay in shape;
  • Have more energy when the baby wakes up.

How to Take Care of Yourself as a New Mom


You can try a new décor for your home, develop a healthy eating habit, and making your face, skin, hair, and nails look radiant. Perhaps begin a routine dental check up with the Dentist In Catoosa to maintain strong, healthy teeth.


Taking care of yourself involves going in multiple directions. You can try a new décor for your home, develop a healthy eating habit, and making your face, skin, hair, and nails look radiant. Here are a few ways to take care of yourself:

  1. Replace the sorting and folding of your kids’ clothes with dressing them out of the clean laundry baskets. You save time and gain more hours of sleep.
  2. Find 30 minutes to pamper yourself. You can do your manicure and pedicure, hydrate your hair with coconut oil, wear a face mask, or exercise. Scheduled beauty rituals are more efficient than the ones done in a hurry.
  3. Turn to your hobby. You can sew, write, make paper sculptures, or nurture your garden. Every person has an activity that relaxes them and releases their creativity.
  4. Spend time relaxing outdoors. Being exposed to sunrays boosts your vitamin D levels while it helps your lungs relax. Experts from Forbes say that sunlight exposure also helps you sleep better, strengthens your immune system, and lowers blood pressure.  
  5. Be vigilant about your food. Don’t skip breakfast. Turn any accidental snacks into small delights with veggies and fruit. You gain vitamins and, therefore, energy, by eating what’s right when it’s a good time to.
  6. Stay hydrated. If you feel thirsty or experience fatigue, lack of energy and headaches, you might already be affected by mild dehydration.
  7. Take a quick nap. Find 15 free minutes every day and get a nap, even if you lie on the couch and rest, unable to fall asleep. You will have more energy and perceive the rest of the day differently.

Impact on the Baby’s Life


A happy woman becomes a happy wife and mother. Moms who take care of themselves eliminate the need to complain about the day being too short, lack of sleep, the baby’s constant need for attention, and so on. You will be able to approach other topics during family dinner and really relax during the few minutes you have for yourself.

You will enjoy playtime with your child and be able to organize your thoughts. Having a clear mind helps you develop a new perspective and even plan upcoming family events and activities. Your baby will see you smile more and engage in.


Final Thoughts


Taking care of yourself is neither selfish nor irresponsible. It is actually very healthy and should be mandatory for new moms. Your body, skin, and hair go through changes after pregnancy that you need to rebalance. When you pamper yourself, you also get a self-confidence boost and a different perception about caring for your child. It will no longer seem a tiresome burden to make the little one sleep or play in the evening.  Find the best ways to take care of yourself and look in the mirror as you are gradually turning into an even better mom! Don’t forget to check out Mom’s Corner, where you can find more tips. tricks, and stories about parenting.


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