Home Decor that Will Make You Happy to be Back in Your Home After a Long Trip

Traveling is fantastic, but one of the greatest parts about traveling is returning home. No matter where you roam, no matter how exotic or wonderful the location, coming back to a place you can call your own is always a relief. However, if you travel a lot, it’s hard to justify spending a lot of money on a place you seldom visit. Still, you want those comforts of home. Not to worry, you can, on a budget, afford home decor that will make you happy to be home. Here are some tips.


Let There be Light in Home Decor


One of the most important things to your mood in addition to your ability to perform simple tasks is lighting. The better your lighting, the better you feel. This includes everything from natural light to the types of lamps and lights you have in your home.

  • Use natural light when you can. Open the window coverings and let the light shine in, open a door, or create a skylight.
  • Use soft light for comfort. Soft light rather than harsh fluorescents is more comforting and in most cases easier on your eyes. Depending on the room, use soft light when you can.
  • LEDs save money. Not only are LEDs usually adjustable and easier on your eyes, but they save money too. Used properly, bulbs like the Phillips HUE bulbs can also be used for light therapy.
  • Battle S.A.D. Many people deal with Seasonal Affect Disorder when they do not get enough sun in the winter. Install Vitamin D and full spectrum lamps to help combat this condition.

The light in your home will help you see, but it will also improve your mood and make you glad to be home. Think about it carefully and choose the best options for your space.


Sit on It! Home Decor To Relax On


Furniture matters and comfortable furniture will be an important part of your homecoming. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get comfortable places to sit, but you can’t go too cheap either. Consider these options.

  • Reupholster what You Have
  • Buy Quality Used Furniture
  • Use Unconventional Furniture (Like trendy and modern bean bags and futons)
  • Buy More, but Smaller pieces to offer more arrangement options

Where you and any guests you may have sit matters to the comfort of your home, but also to the style. You will want your home to be something you are proud of and that will make you happy to be home. 


Sleep on It, Home Decor to Count Sheep On

Hotel mattresses can only be so good, and they vary in quality from poor to fantastic. The covers they offer, the sheets on the bed, and the pillows are never quite right. However, when you come home, you can get a perfect night’s sleep if you have the right bed and bedding. This is one area where you do not want to cut corners. Get a mattress that is the firmness and type that you want. It is worth investing even if it costs you a little extra for the memory foam option. Choose sheets that are 100% cotton and a high thread count. They will offer you the most comfort and will not be too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. Pillows are often a matter of personal preference, so choose the firmness that you prefer and the style of pillow that supports your head and neck.  A good night’s sleep is one of the most important and luxurious things about coming home from extensive travel, so invest in what you sleep on to make it the best it can be.


Walk on It, Home Decor for Your Floors


Floors are important as well. The type of flooring and carpet you choose will have a lot to do with beauty and comfort. From lush carpet with a thick pad to gorgeous hardwood flooring, the choices are endless. Even if the floors are not quite to your liking, you can change the look and feel of them with the right kind of area rug. High-quality area rugs will look better, lay better and wear longer than their less expensive counterparts.  Alternatively, if you own your home, you can replace the flooring pretty easily. Laminate flooring and other options can be installed simply over existing flooring, and are relatively inexpensive.


Home Decor You Can Eat On


No matter where you call home, there is nothing like a home cooked meal, and you will need a place to cook and to eat. A good dining room table with comfortable chairs is an invaluable asset, especially if it is a style and color you love. Use placemats and centerpieces to make the space even more delightful.

When it comes to cooking, your kitchen will be all about utility. The right knives, pans, and equipment are important, and you can display them with hanging racks, excellent knife blocks, and other creative décor. Keep the art in your kitchen and dining room light, colorful, and easy on the eyes so it does not detract from food preparation or the food you serve. Dishes also matter, and cool patterns that look elegant but remain reasonably priced are available in a variety of stores and online. Utensils that match and are also durable also help your eating space look and feel comfortable.


The comforts of the home must be comfortable and make you happy you have come back from your travels. Use these décor ideas to make your house into a home you will be proud to call your own.


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