How to Explore South East Asia on A budget

Looking to travel to a new destination is an exciting and thrilling experience? South East Asia is full of beautiful countries that happen to be one of the cheapest regions in the world. Tourists come here to explore the fascinating cultures and traditions in the area. However, no matter where you go to and travel for a holiday, it makes sense to make the most of your dollars. One of the best things about this part of the world is that southeast Asia on a budget is very do-able!


Southeast Asia on a Budget


Traveling on a smart budget always helps and offers you the best value for money as you explore the beaches, jungles & islands of South East Asia.

Travel need not be expensive and smart traveler knows that it makes more sense to travel like a savings-savvy backpacker rather than a vacationing tourist.  Read on to know how to enjoy South East Asia on a budget.


Look for the best bargains and deals on lodging and accommodation. The best part about South East Asia is that there is a massive range of options for lodging such as budget hotels, homestays, and backpacker hostels besides expensive resorts and hotels. One can always bargain and look for some great deals on top hotels. Pantai Cenang hotels is a chain of hotels that offer the best deals and discounts to their guests besides top-notch facilities. 


When booking tours, explore all the possible options and browse different places for the best price.  Prices can vary and fluctuate between tour places. So, research a lot and do your homework before making any decision.

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Cook your own meals and live like a local. While street food is cheap, one can lower the costs further by shopping for groceries and always carry your own water bottle or soda when you go to a restaurant. Eat like the locals and explore the local hawker stalls, and street shops to enjoy fresh and favorite foods at a much lower cost.

Don’t feel obliged to leave a tip when holidaying in South East Asia. Many tourists might not feel comfortable about the idea, but there is no need to tip cab drivers, massages, waiters, etc.  

Wherever you go in South East Asia, you are sure to come across people enjoying drinks and partying. One can save money by splitting a bottle of whiskey and beers. However, as the costs of alcohol really do add up gradually, it makes sense to avoid alcohol whenever you can.

Avoid spending on souvenirs and western food. Tourists often end up spending precious dollars on little trinkets that are not worth it. So shop for just one or two souvenirs as the new relationships and friends, the pictures and memories make for the best souvenirs. When in South East Asian countries, enjoy local delicacies and avoid western food as it is not only more expensive but can be enjoyed in the Western world.

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Get off the beaten path and you can always find hidden gems and options just one or two streets away from the popular spots. It could be the main tourist attractions or the shops, restaurants, and guesthouses. All you need to do is walk a couple of blocks away from the main tourist-oriented strip to find some great deals. Malibest Resort in Langkawi is a good example where one can enjoy genuine, friendly care and comfort at a much lower cost. Enjoy outstanding customer service and facilities within a clean and comfortable atmosphere.

Sleeper train or overnight buses are favorite modes of transportation for a lot of routes around the SEA. Traveling overnight not only save you a night of accommodation but the trip is very enjoyable and comfortable as you get a good nights ‘sleep.


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