How to Work Abroad as An Expat

When you don’t want to settle down to raise a family yet or you wish to take your family on the road with you, the worry is how can you work and live abroad? It’s certainly more difficult than when staying in your hometown where most things are within easy reach. However, when you’re bored of the predictability of your life back home, a change of scenery even for a few months or a year makes a world of difference. You can return to see your hometown with fresh eyes, instead of feeling jaded by it.  Here are a few suggestions for how to work abroad successfully as an expat.


How to Work While on Expat


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Working as a Teacher Abroad


One of the best opportunities for working abroad is as a teacher. The more experience you have, the better. It’s useful to have a degree and/or a teaching qualification that’s recognized abroad. But even without a degree, it’s sometimes possible to get placed in schools situated in more rural locations that struggle to find suitable native speaker teachers.


It’s not easy to find a teaching opportunity abroad. You may not necessarily speak their language and every country has a job market that’s set up differently. To make life easier, take the online assessment at Point to Point Education to check your suitability. Once pre-qualified, they can help to find a suitable position for you. Teaching is a rewarding profession, especially as both parents and the kids often recognize you when you’re shopping or just hanging out which creates a real community feeling.

Working at a Hostel


If you’re typically outgoing and love meeting new people, then there are sometimes opportunities to work in a hostel. They need English speakers and travelers who know what other travelers are looking for. Sometimes hostels run tours where they employ people to lead them or you just help sell tickets to other tours from behind a standing desk.


The good thing about working in a hostel is that it’s a lively environment where no single day is the same as the previous one. This keeps you on your toes and stops the job from ever getting boring, that’s for sure! Depending on the organization, they also might be fine with having older kids hanging out during your shift if you talk to them about it.


Working Online from Abroad


Another way to survive abroad is to work online as a freelance writer. This is useful when you haven’t been placed as a teacher yet and you want to get started with your travels anyway. If you have some money behind you before you head out, then you can get moving. Bear in mind, it’s always a clever idea to build up a client list and a portfolio of completed assignments before you hit the road.


You don’t want to get to your first destination with all the local attractions/distractions and not have set yourself upright. Try UpWork for finding new clients initially and build up a reputation online that people can trust.


Working abroad is not as easy as finding a job at home. However, the cultural experiences and seeing different sights at each country you visit are well worth the little inconveniences as you go along. Then when you’re ready, you can return home to settle down with your kids, richer for the experiences that you’ve enjoyed.

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