Single Mom Life 10 Ways to Save and Still Be Fabulous

It’s no secret; being a single mom is a financial challenge, but it doesn’t mean you have to go without. As a self-employed single mom, I know a thing or two, or ten, about saving money without compromising my lifestyle. Being a single mom doesn’t mean you have to struggle, it just means you have to be smart. Shop smart, spend smart and get smart rewards. Here are 10 ways to save money without compromise:

10 Ways to Save Money Without Compromising Your Fab


Let’s be honest there are just some things that we have to pay for whether we like it or not. Toilet paper, gas, insurance, need I go on? You don’t have to waste money on things you don’t value. That’s why it’s important to do things like use cards with rewards, avoid late fees, shop around for the best prices and clip a coupon here and there. This is how I save.


Save Money On Everyday Things


#1 Cut the Cable


I found it so funny the other day when I told my sister that I had not had cable for over two years. I still have high-speed internet and I still watch plenty (if not too much) T.V., still, I stopped paying the $157 monthly price tag. Instead, I opted to pay for just high-speed wifi at $50/month, Hulu at $8/month and Netflix at $9/month. I am saving a whopping $90/month!


#2 Get a Gas Card


I know this sounds so 1990s, but it’s true. You will save more on fuel if you have a fuel rewards card. It’s one of these things you have to get, no matter how much you don’t want to. It’s also one of those things you don’t find bargains on. So instead of just sucking it up, pump with intention. Here are some of the best gas cards.


#3 Get Multiple Grocery Cards (Ideally that link to your gas station)


I love doing this. I have to buy food no matter what. There’s no getting around it. Why not earn points toward fuel while you’re doing it?


#4 Use Cards with Cash Back Rewards


I can’t stress this enough. The money that needs to be spent will be spent. Why not use a card that gives you cash back as a reward when you spend? Every little bit adds up. It could even be your holiday shopping money! I like the U.S. Bank Cash 365TM American Express® Card. They offer value like 1.5% cash back on everyday purchases, no annual fee, rewards that never expire and all the benefits of being a valued American Express customer. Another really great card (for you business owners out there) is the AMEX Delta SkyMiles Business Platinum card. I basically put everything on this because I get a mile for every dollar spent. They often have really awesome sign-on bonuses too. Here are some of the best credit cards with rewards.


#5 Fill Out Receipt Surveys


You know when you get a customer survey receipt and it gives you a reward? Fill those out! They add up. They could turn into stocking stuffers or birthday gifts throughout the year.


#6 Install ShopKick on Your Phone (app)


I was introduced to this app a few months back and it turns out it’s pretty fun! When I am home, I have to shop for food and home things right? With ShopKick you get to scan items in the store and earn points just for scanning that turn into gift cards. Furthermore, if you link your cards to the app, you collect points for spending. $5 here and $10 there adds up!


#7 Ladies’ Days


It’s not just a cheap ploy to get your single butt into the club. It’s great for oil changes, car washes and lots of other local services we all need. Keep track of the ladies’ days in your area and get on that! Cha-ching!


#8 BOGO Coupons


I know this may sound like the most obvious one, but you would be surprised how many people DON’T jump on this. There are several major grocery retailers who offer buy one get one sales. When you use manufacturer coupons on these sales you can really score! If you live in an apartment and use a mail room, you are guaranteed to find a lot of leftover coupon inserts. Grab those!


#9 Family Days


These are great for saving and getting out of the house! Usually, kids eat free on family nights, which means you get out and save. Win, win!


#10 Shop Around for Better Prices


Shop around for better prices on things you hate paying for like car insurance. If you’re over the pond, AA Ireland is offering some pretty competitive pricing on their plans. Here in the U.S., I’ve saved money with Geico by bundling my home, life and auto insurance together. You can also shop around for new Wi-Fi, gas, pest control, lawn care and so on. Deals change all the time, it pays to be in the know. 


You don’t have to settle for giving everyone else your money. Be smart, follow these steps and you’ll be surprised as to how much you’ll save. And remember, be fabulous!


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  1. I agree with #2 and I’d spend my money on gasoline! It may not be glamorous, but it’s definitely a necessity when it comes to traveling and commuting!

    Emily H. / Reply
  2. The first travel necessity that I would spend my cash back on would be gas and snacks for the road.

    heather / Reply
  3. I would buy luggage for my daughter.

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    grandgiveaways / Reply
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    grandgiveaways / Reply
  5. I would use it to buy food.

    Will G / Reply
  6. I would spend it on a new camera

    Elena / Reply
  7. I would spend my cash back on gas….which the price never seems to go down! 🙂

    amy [at] uTry [dot] it

    Amy Tong / Reply
  8. Amy Tong / Reply
  9. My luggage is outdated so I would buy some new modern luggage to take a trip with.

    Julie Wood / Reply
  10. tweet-

    Julie Wood / Reply
  11. I will buy a new luggage and have extra money for gas and any trip expense.

    Rosa Osorio / Reply
  12. I would spend my cash back on gasoline. It would help me get to my destination.

    jeepingeos / Reply
  13. I would use the cash back to buy new carry on luggage.

    Rachel / Reply
  14. I would use the cash back to buy luggage! I do not own a single piece of luggage for travel! I have been borrowing a friend’s suitcase.

    Natalie / Reply
  15. I would get quality suitcases and travel bags.
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    Jessie C. / Reply
  16. tweet-

    Jessie C. / Reply
  17. I would buy new spinner luggage.

    Cindy / Reply
  18. I would buy a new travel cooler for snacks and drinks.

    Kelly D / Reply
  19. I would use it to get a really good camera to take on trips.

    Jessica To / Reply
  20. I would get myself a new charging powerbank

    groogruxking40 @ gmail dot com

    steve weber / Reply
  21. The first thing I would spend my cash back bonus on is school clothes and supplies for my sons. They are both getting older and the items they need for school are getting more expensive!

    Jeffrey / Reply
  22. Jeffrey / Reply
  23. I would spend it on some books and activities to keep the kids busy in the car, and I would spend the rest doing memorable things with our family on a vacation.


    Erika / Reply
  24. I would buy a quality carry-on piece of luggage with wheels.
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    Lisa Brown / Reply
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    Lisa Brown / Reply
  26. I would buy luggage.

    Mita / Reply
  27. I would spend it on a nice quality camera for lots of picture taking.

    Elle / Reply
  28. I would probably spend it on a nice new camera. Great tips!

    busyworkingmama / Reply
  29. I would use this extra money on gas for traveling on roadtrips.

    nlamore79gmailcom / Reply
  30. I’d use it for traveling, of course.

    MegansBeadedDesigns / Reply
  31. I’d spend the extra cash on a treat, but something that also lasts, like a new dress.

    Madeline / Reply
  32. I would like to spend the extra cash on a refreshed travel wardrobe.

    Cynthia C / Reply
  33. I’d buy a makeup travel kit.

    tina m / Reply
  34. I would use it towards buying some luggage. Thanks so much.

    Margaret Smith / Reply
  35. I would use the cash back towards new tires.
    thank you

    jalapenomamamn / Reply
  36. jalapenomamamn / Reply
  37. Gasoline would be my cash back purchase.

    Rebecca Graham / Reply
  38. First I would buy a new window shade to keep some of the brutal summer sun out of my car. Then I would get some beach towels, load up the family and head to the coast!!!

    Tina W / Reply
  39. Gas!

    maria cantu / Reply
  40. I’d buy a new book to take on our upcoming trip!

    Tamra H / Reply
  41. I would use the money to buy new luggage.

    Susan Smith / Reply
  42. I would spend the cash to plan a trip for my and my husband for our 30th anniversary!

    StephaniePhelps / Reply
  43. StephaniePhelps / Reply
  44. I’d spend it on gas for my car. We love taking day trips around the area.

    Kristen / Reply
  45. I would like new luggage

    latanya t / Reply
  46. I would buy a carry-on never had one before

    Erica Best / Reply
  47. I’d spend it on something fun for the family! truckredford(at)Gmail(Dot)com

    Elizabeth pergande / Reply
  48. I would buy a couple of nice carry on bags

    Janice Cooper / Reply
  49. I especially like #10. I shop for groceries on my way home from work which is around 9pm so the commute is fast and there are fewer shoppers in the store.
    I would spend my cash back on gas because most of my trips are by car.

    willitara / Reply
  50. willitara / Reply
  51. New luggage!

    Kerry / Reply
  52. I would buy a tripod a camera – too many blurry shots recently makes a tripod a necessity for my travels!

    Susan Christy / Reply
  53. I would spend it on my granddaughter who turns 2 in October.

    Ellie Wright / Reply
  54. Ellie Wright / Reply
  55. I’d use it towards airfare. Anything to keep my hubby out of traffic!

    Denise L / Reply
  56. Denise L / Reply
  57. I would buy new luggage.

    Thomas Murphy / Reply
  58. i posted a tweet here:

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    bellows22 / Reply
  59. i would like to buy a new travel tote bag and a portable cell phone charger

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    bellows22 / Reply
  60. Probably a portable car charger and a first aid kit

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

    Tabathia B / Reply
  61. tweet

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

    Tabathia B / Reply
  62. I would first spend my cash back on a nice gourmet dinner and have a might on the town.

    Jerry Marquardt / Reply
  63. Jerry Marquardt / Reply
  64. I would spend my cashback on batteries for my camera! I can never take enough pictures while on a trip! 🙂

    anastasia2013 / Reply
  65. Kathryn C / Reply
  66. #SweepstakesEntry – comment

    I would apply any cash back towards the cost of renewing my US Passport

    Kathryn C / Reply
  67. Ha go right along with number one, cable was a big expense I never used! Apple Tv & Netflix are now my only expense besides the internet! My son don’t mind either, he is still a big movie collector! Thought about a gas card but still up in the air on that one!

    forsinglemomsonly / Reply

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