How to Write a Great Travel Essay for the Newbie Blogger

There is a difference between writing a regular essay and travel essay. You are going to be the embodiment of a place, and you need more than just details. You need an actual tone that connects with the audience supported by some evidence.  Following, we are going to show how to win an audience with your traveling essay that professional bloggers swear by!

Blogger Tips: How to write a travel essay

Use a Different Writing Style


A travel essay is about the place you have just been to. Your responsibility is to document the place and present it as you experienced it, don’t lose its essence in your words. Your goal is to sweep your reader into imagining the place as a destination. Therefore, choose a place that is not common for everyone, get close to its native and understand the way they live. Get creative but be specific when you convey the word to others. Try to show them instead of telling. Describe the environment in brief details with every good and bad.


Research the Place


Before you visit, do your research. Read about it and understand its culture, environment, history, and religion. This will make you curious and help you incept its vibe. When you visit, go to destinations popular with the locals. This is an effective way to reveal a new side of the area while enriching your story.


Captivate People


There are several ways you can do this. Start your intro with a general tone but exciting tone. If you don’t know what to do, add some quotation about the place or pop culture references. This will capture your audience. Use first person language throughout the essay. Travel essay is the narration of your experience, and this is why an essay writer only uses the first-person view. Stay with the interesting bits of your story and everyone will experience the place like they actually visited it.


Avoid Making Assumptions


When you research, you have no room for assumptions. Sure, when you are presented with some facts, you accept them without digging deep. But sometimes you need a reality check to get a better sense of things. So, if you have visited a place, and the people generally seemed happy, don’t assume their life is easy. Do your research and share some facts about the place, and its people before you dive into your story.


Use Smooth Transition


Your story should have a consistent flow from start to end. This will give your writing a personality even though it’s impersonal and strictly formal. To improve on it, you need a baseline for your story, but don’t reveal the whole secret, just share some bits to connect with your story.


Don’t Forget the Backstory


People love background stories, and you need to indulge them. You are supposed to give your readers an inside perspective that will reflect the place in a real and accurate light. You can only achieve it with some good research. Add your personal touches but don’t forget you have to support your points. This will add great value to your future content.


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