All the Reasons Why You Should Hit Up Pattaya with Kids

If you’re looking for an exotic adventure, you should head to Pattaya. Thailand has emerged as one of the most significant tourist hotspots for its natural beauty, happening lifestyle, and budget-friendly offerings for tourists around the world. And Pattaya with kids is a family adventure that will leave you with a lifetime of memories.


Since most travelers coming to Thailand for a holiday are beach lovers, they tend to fly towards more exotic islands such as Phuket, Krabi, and Samui or towards the mountains in Chiang Mai for a change. The downside is that flying to these places requires a lot of time, hassle and of course extra money spent on air transfers. The good news is that if you are traveling to Thailand for a short period and do not have the time and money to fly to the islands located farther, then you can still enjoy a quick beach getaway.


Pattaya, which used to be nothing more than a fiding village until a few decades back, is now developed into a bustling tourist town. However, since it has a more urban vibe to it and the more exotic beach destinations take away much of the limelight, many tourists skip Pattaya and move on to other locations. Some travelers also feel reluctant to visit Pattaya because of its notorious reputation, which is of course not true. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider Pattaya for your weekend getaway.


pattaya thailand with kids


So Why Visit Pattaya with Kids?


You Can Avoid A Lot of Many Flights


Most beach locations in Thailand will require you to fly there on a separate domestic flight. This is because most countries do not operate direct flights to places other than the capital city, Bangkok. Taking too many trips for a short getaway to an island and back can be very exhausting especially along with kids. The cost factor adds another dent to your wallet. Another option to travel to those islands is by overnight trains, ferries or road trips, which again are not very comfortable options to use when moving with kids. The best thing about Pattaya is that it is situated at just 3 hours drive from Bangkok. Therefore, you can just rent a car or hire a cab, dump your backpacks in the trunk and head off to the beach in a very comfortable manner.


Kids Love Sand and Water


Kids are least bothered about white sand and brown sand. They merely love sand and water, and a lot of space to run around and Pattaya offers all that and more. Just book a beautiful beach resort on the beachfront, preferably the ones with private beach access and let your children have the time of their life.


Comfortable Accommodation


Pattaya has some tremendous five-star beach resorts which are not only comfortable but will also give you direct beach access, which is a blessing with kids. Some resorts even have dedicated kids club. They are bit pricier than the budget motels in the central town but are still much cheaper compared to resorts in Phuket and Samui. Plus, you will always be saving a lot on airfares so why not spend it on a beautiful resort hotel?


Kid-Friendly Attractions


Pattaya has some of the best kid-friendly attractions ranging from zoos to amusement and water parks. One of the Thailandś best water parks is also located in Pattaya. You can find many Pattaya tours according to your time, budget and preferences and have some great family fun.

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