Family Friendly Hotels in Bali

Most families consist of a father, mother, and children. Traveling families are always happy families. Finding hotels that can accommodate every member of a family can be a mammoth task. Every hotel is designed to target a specific demographic. Family-friendly hotels in Bali or anywhere else in the world need to take into consideration the kids and the number of family members.


Things to Think About When Picking a Hotel


Children require specific attention especially toddlers. They require meals at specific intervals and times. You cannot also have toddlers around when enjoying the hotel‘s sauna or warm water swimming pool. This does not mean that one should not enjoy the hotels’ numerous facilities when staying with children.   Young age kids require supervision and facilities that favor them.


Hotels are built mainly for people on the move; it is a rare phenomenon for the whole family to be on the move simultaneously. When on holiday or staying in a new place for a function provides the best opportunities for a family to stay in a hotel.  A good family hotel should be able to provide enough space for every member while providing a way to make them feel to be at home. This achieved by large dining areas, beds, high chairs for kids, sleeping cots and connecting doors.


Family Friendly Hotels in Bali


Of the many islands forming Indonesia, Bali stands out for people who love having fun. This is mainly attributed to the long list of hotels available and exquisite coastline. Here are some of the best Bali resorts for families. Family hotels are important. They cater to kids and parents. So everyone is having the time of their life.


The Intercontinental Bali- Jimbaran


The hotel is part of the worldwide conglomerate of Intercontinental hotels.  Despite this, its identity lies within its Balinese furniture and architecture. The Balinese culture dominates the hotel. Its design is geared towards preserving and spreading it to the visitors. If you are a lover of traditional ambiance then this is the hotel for you.


The hotel is ten minutes away from the airport. The serene and tranquil water fountains accomplish the hotel’s perfectly manicured gardens.  Planet trekkers, a childcare dedicated facility for children aged 4-12 years, is fully supervised. Outdoor and indoor activities are provided to keep the children happy.  A large warm pool with a poolside restaurant offering children buffets is also available for the kids.


Villa Sarasvati


The hotel is found in Canggu, a ten-minute walk distance from Berawa beach. The hotel is a four-bedroom villa overlooking attractive rice fields. From the interior design, it is true to say that the hotel‘s proprietor loves antique. Every corner’s art depicts an untold story. The furnishing of the hotel shows how rich the Indonesian heritage is.


The villa is part of the four Dea villas sharing a common playground, gym area, parking, and garden. A visiting family is greeted with a large living pavilion with large glass doors. The hotel’s pool has a shallow end for kids. It is in close proximity to kid-friendly restaurants and cafes. In-house chefs will always provide a finger-licking breakfast. High chairs and cots are provided on request.


Samabe Bali


Bali Island is well known as a place of tourists. Getting a spot not invaded by tourists is somehow a hard task. Samabe Bali ticks this box for you. The five-star resort is perfect for visitors who love a quiet environment that is dotted by nature. Located on top of a cliff, the hotel is a few strides away from nearly empty beaches with local fishermen hauling their catch.


The blend of Asian culture and modernity provides the hotel’s higher notch. The hotel’s signature cooking and day trips favor families. There are lush green gardens for kids to play on and private pools. The steep steps to the beach are well taken care of by the air jeep.


The many family hotels Bali will provide diversity for any visitor. One will not find it hard to select one that fits their budget. 


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