Moving to Washington DC? Here is Everything You Need to Know!

When you think of Washington, DC, you don’t think of creativity, artwork, or adventure. Politics, power, and seriousness are all at the forefront of one’s mind. However, there are various hidden gems throughout Washington that can allow you to disconnect from the trials and tribulations of the capital and reconnect with your inner child.While traveling to new locations is often a fairytale adventure, moving is a quest in and of itself. Here are some things you must know (and some secret attractions you must find) if you’re moving to Washington DC.


Moving to Washington DC


Washington is where the action happens, and the overall culture encapsulates this. The cost of living is extremely high, the public transport system extremely well developed, and an unspoken dress code exists in the areas surrounding the Hill. How you carry yourself is integral to blending in.

As the public transport system is so well-developed, many opt to use it for work rather than bothering with a vehicle during the work week. Consider having your vehicle shipped to you and stored for weekend use.

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If you’re working on the Hill, there are plenty of lovely places to live in Capitol Hill, Eastern Market, or Logan Circle.

If the professional dress and rare air start to get overwhelming, there are plenty of hidden gems throughout the city that will fill your heart with wonder.


The Space Window


The Space Window at the Washington National Cathedral was built in the 1970s to pay tribute to the lunar landing. In fact, the red planet depicted in the window holds a real piece of the moon which is a stunning 3.6 billion years old. The stained glass has stunning shades of blues, greens, and reds. What makes this display truly beautiful its place in the cathedral. Where science and religion are usually at odds, here is this incredible display of art that connects the cosmos and celestial.


Blind Whino


Believe it or not, art thrives in the nation’s capital. Blind Whino is an old church that was not allowed to be torn down for legal reasons surrounding historical properties. Thus, it was painted psychedelic colors and turned into an art display. The design efforts continue inside the building, which is open for events and gatherings. If the multicolored church isn’t refreshing enough, the name “Blind Whino” makes a statement.


Exorcist Stairs


Not all of the movies recorded in Washington are related to politics. Horror movie connoisseurs will rejoice to know that the infamous stair scene in the Exorcist was filmed in the city and you can still visit the location. At the top of the stairs is a completely banal and unmemorable pathway. The stairs themselves though, are exceptionally creepy at night. The stairs are located by a gas station on M Street, just before the turn to Canal Road.


Glover-Archbold Park


Sometimes your inner adventurer feels compelled to find peace in the woods. Glover-Archbold Park is a gorgeous expanse of forest that features babbling brooks, old trees, and lost artifacts. While there, look for the Foundry Branch Trolley Trestle Ruins and the Colombian Cannon Foundry ruins. These ghosts of history will make you feel as though you’ve stepped back in time.


The National Bonsai Museum


The National Bonsai Museum has over 150 miniature trees from different schools of training, parts of the world, and species. Most notably is a white pine that is almost 400 years old. It started “training” in 1625 and was planted near Hiroshima and survived the atomic bomb in 1945.


Washington has things to do and see for both the politically driven career person, adventurer, and anyone who has elements of both. Its prestigious career opportunities make it an incredible atmosphere in which to live and explore.

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