5 Things That Were Inspired By Music for the Music Lover

Whether you’re into hip-hop, classical music, techno, or are a metalhead at heart, you’ll definitely appreciate what music has inspired throughout the years.


If we had to think about it, music is pretty much found everywhere; if we’re shopping at the local store, playing video games, watching a movie – nothing would be the same without music. And if this weren’t enough, music has also inspired many artists, places, and things.


Let’s have a look.


Inspired by Music




There’s quite a long list of buildings that in some way, shape or form, pay tribute to music, but we’ll only mention a few of them here.


The first one is the magnificent Piano and Violin House in China, which locals refer to as “the most romantic building in China”. This “house” was built in 2007 in the shape of the two musical instruments, with the violin being transparent, showing a staircase.



Contrary to what you might think though, this building has nothing to do with music except for its design. In fact, the building is used as a showroom for exhibiting new plans created for the district of Shannan in Huainan City.  


The second building is the Kunsthofpassage Singing Drain Pipes, also known as Dresden’s Music Wall. What’s so fascinating about this building is that whenever it rains, the drain pipes turn into musical instruments as the raindrops create the sound of different notes, creating lovely little melodies.


You can check out more music-inspired buildings here.




You might already be familiar with names like Melody, Harmony or Viola, but you’ve probably come across some names before that you didn’t know were inspired by musical terms.


If you’re a Game of Thrones or Pretty Little Liars fan, you’re already familiar with it and probably like it a lot too, but might have never really thought about the origin of the name. The name in question is “Aria”, and it means “a song for voice and accompaniment, usually found in operas and oratorio.”


You might also be familiar with the name Dorian, possible from “The Picture of Dorian Gray”. The word Dorian actually denotes “a musical mode based on the second tone of a major scale”




Although one might think that art inspired by music is a recent phenomenon, the truth is that it’s happened way before. In fact, there have been many artists inspired by music throughout time.


One of the most notable artists, is Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian painter and art theorist credited for creating one of the first recognized purely abstract painting. The theme of music is very strong in this artist’s works. In fact. this artist is known as the painter of sound and vision. He used colors and forms to represent sounds and tones and names his paintings as if he were naming musical compositions. He believed that shades on a painting resonated with each other to produce “visual chords” which had an influence on the soul.  


One of his well-known masterpieces is called Composition 8 and was inspired by a romantic opera entitled Lohengrin, written by Richard Wagner.




Probably the coolest thing to hit the world of online gambling is this very gothic-themed Metal Casino inspired by the biggest rock stars of all time, including Metallica, ACDC, and Iron Maiden.


Last year, The God of Rock, Ozzy Osbourne, joined Metal Casino as a Brand Ambassador.


This unique casino comes complete with a merch room, where one can buy various kinds of merchandise in exchange for the casino’s own soft currency “MetCoins”.  


These MetCoins can be earned through the site’s loyalty program, The World Tour, which rewards users with these soft coins by playing slot games and through various offers and promotions. And if that wasn’t awesome enough, users can also exchange MetCoins for concert tickets too.


When it comes to the slots themselves, they’re very much rock’n’roll themed, with slots such as the Jimi Hendrix slot and the Guns N’ Roses slot from NetEnt.


Clas Dahlén, CMO at Metal Casino explained the concept for this casino:


“We love metal so why not create a casino that celebrates it? And that feeling! This is personal for us and we hope it resonates with all the other heads out there. It’s about going All in for the Fans. But it’s gotta be about that feeling you get – the feeling that comes from listening to kick ass music.”




Last year Rolls Royce released the first four their Rolls Royce Wraith Music Edition that consists of nine hand-built Rolls Royce cars all having unique design touches. These cars were named after nine different Music Legends who helped in the design of each car named after them, that include Roger Daltrey CBE, Dame Shirley Bassey, Sir Ray Davies, and Ronnie Wood.


The versions announced for now are: The Who Rolls-Royce, The Kinks Rolls-Royce, Ronnie Wood Rolling Stones Rolls-Royce, Sir George Martin The Beatles Rolls-Royce, and

Shirley Bassey Rolls-Royce.


The aim of this Music Edition was to showcase and celebrate each of some the best pop and rock artists of all times, but what’s even more amazing about this collection, is that the profit made from these cars will go to various charities chosen by these Rock Stars themselves. One such charity, for instance, is the cancer foundation for teenagers.


Needless to say, these cars are not only a work of art and a great tribute to these British Music Artists, but the idea behind the campaign, i.e. to send the profits to different charities, is what makes it all the more an honorable one.


So there you have it, five things that were inspired by music. Cheers to music and cheers to the people that are inspired by it!  


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