Travel Tips – How to Pass the Time on Long Road Trips so You Don’t Go Insane

You have loaded the cooler with the necessary drinks and snacks, strapped the luggage on the roof rack on the booth of your car. Now that you made a decision to go on a super long road trip either with friends or family, the remaining challenge is how to keep the spirit high until you reach your destination or at least the first stopover.


One good thing about road trips is that the fun starts even before you hear your GPS voice command telling you for the 6th time, “you have reached your destination.” With the latest technology at our disposal, you don’t have to whine and complain about the likes of, “do not make me pull over” arguments. Keeping your family and friends entertained during a road trip calls for creativity and patience.


Nevertheless, whether you are a kid, an adult or you fall in between, we have compiled a list of fun app games including the popular Candy Crush, Word Puzzle apps, Photo editing apps, Angry Birds, Temple Run, Slug A Bug, Unblock Me The Room and much more.


Similarly, you can choose to play online casino games which are available in fun and real modes. Sean (my other half) is pretty much addicted to them. I rarely see him without his phone playing a hand. I always tell him that the real money casino games give you an opportunity to win big. Online casinos allow you to play a couple of mobile casino games including slots, blackjack, and roulette. All the casino games are optimized to ensure that you enjoy the same gaming features as you would on the computer.


Online casino games especially slots are a good alternative to sleeping or arguing during a long road trip and a great way of making extra money. Besides the rewards, online casino games will keep your spirit high, entertained and jovial. The internet is updated with new games which are compatible with your smartphones, tablets, and laptops on a daily basis with massive winning opportunities. Although the games will have a similar gameplay, the rules will vary from one platform to another as we have discussed below.


Here are Our Favorite Mobile Games and Apps to Pass the Time


Candy Crush


Candy Crush is an amazing match-3 genre mobile game that has gained popularity since its launch. Unlike the fast-paced games like Bejeweled, Candy Crush is crafted with the thinking man’s style technology. The game comprises of a board and a variety of puzzling objects whereby players must try by all means to rise through the 65 levels.


At the beginning, the games will seem simple but it gets more complicated as you advance. In some levels, you will be required to safely lower ingredients hidden among candies. The reason why candy crush is all about looking for right matches is that you are given a limited number of moves at every stage.


Unblock Me


Unblock Me is a mind-challenging classic block puzzle game. It has a simple gameplay with more than 16000 puzzles to solves. Although the blocks have the same size, there is one colored differently. The goal is to slide the blocks around the field until you get a specific block from where it started to a predetermined exit point after completing the level. A new level will be unlocked after accomplishing each level. Similarly, the game gets more challenging as you unlock more levels.


There are hundreds of these game variations for Android and iDevices but the reason why Unblock Me is more preferred for long road trips is that it has over 16000 puzzles to keep you busy for hours.


Shadow Fight 2


Action lovers like one on one combat games like Mortal Kombat because it’s a great way of pushing time. Shadow Fight is available free for Android users. It comprises of two action buttons and movement pad. The reason why this game is unique is the RPG elements which makes the game more immersive and engaging.  The game is packed with smooth animations both on Android and iOS. The RPG elements will be of use once you start to add powerups and rising to levels.




PhotoDirector is a multi-purpose photo editing app with a stylish and friendly interface with multiple features to use. The app allows you adjust image color and tone within seconds. The comes with an in-built camera feature where you can add effects as you go around taking photos on your trip.


Additionally, you can quickly edit and share photos on Facebook and other social media platforms. One amazing feature on PhotoDirector app is that you can erase an object or person from the photo using the Content-Aware Removal tool.




Ideally, VSCO is an upgraded version of Instagram with a community of photographers feature where you can share your photos. The app allows you search and follows other community members on Facebook. You can find all the photo editing tools you ever dream of on VSCO app. There is an ambient selection of filters like exposure, contrast, temperature, alignment and fade settings.


Once you have edited your photos, you can instantly share them on Facebook, Whatsapp, or any other social network you prefer.


One disadvantage (although not serious as such) with VSCO is that you cannot save your photos on the device storage instead you have to upload them to cloud storage.


Online Slots


Video slots are the most played game among all the slots categories and they have been around for years. The games are crafted with exclusive high-quality graphics, themes, lively animations and immersive sound effects. Additionally, you will be exposed to a number of bonuses, promotions, and tournaments. In most cases, online slots are equipped with 3 or 5 reels with multiple ways of winning. The games are always packed with special features and symbols like the wild, multiplier, scatter, among other gambling features. the good thing with slots is that you can choose to play progressive jackpot slots, video slots, fruit machine and etc. Some of them to recommended online slots to play on long trips are;

  •    Cleopatra
  •    Jurassic Park
  •    Venetia
  •    Around the World
  •    Sky’s the Limit
  •    Guns N’ Roses
  •    Gladiator


Video Poker


Video poker games have come a long way up to the modern day online versions. The game is played with 5 decker cards which are issued to each player before commencing. As well, you must choose the cards to keep and the ones to dispose of. In order to win, you must attain a winning combination which is based on classic poker hands. Video poker payouts will vary depending on the casino you are using.  Some of the common winning hand combinations include Flush, Royal Flush, Straight and etc. it is good to note that video poker is available in different variations are listed below;


  •    Deuces Wild
  •    Jacks or Better
  •    Joker’s Wild




Spinning your wheel of fortune can be fun especially if you are traveling over long distances. Online roulette comprises of the betting board (marked with pockets and Red/Black), a wheel and a round ball. For you to win, you must correctly predict where the ball will eventually settle. Roulette has two major types of bets, Inside bets and Outside bets. With online roulette, you can choose to play your favorite variation such as;

  •    American Roulette
  •    European Roulette
  •    French Roulette
  •    Mini Roulette
  •    3D Roulette


Blackjack (Sean’s Favorite)


Blackjack is a casino game always played between the player and the dealer. The dealer and the player take two cards whereby the dealer’s cards will be exposed with one card facing down but the players will remain hidden. In order to be a winner, you must beat the dealer or at least get a higher combination which does not exceed 21. Blackjack comes in a number of variations including;

  •    Blackjack Switch
  •    Hi-Lo 13
  •    Multihand Blackjack
  •    Blackjack Surrender
  •    Blackjack Pro
  •    Progressive Jackpot


Online Bingo


Although many people confuse Bingo to be a game of the aged people, it has been a source of entertainment since 1996. The game has Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure that all players enjoy a fair game. It is one of the best games to kill your boredom while on long road trips with your friends and family.


The Bottom Line


Long road trips can be tiresome and boring if you do not plan for it well. Other than packing enough drinks and snacks, you need to decide the form of entertainment you will use to kill the boredom. Although some people will prefer storytelling or reading books, mobile games and mobile casino games can be a great source of entertainment as well as rewarding. Moreover, with online casino games, you will learn new tricks of solving problems while winning great rewards. So, before you go for your next road trip, ensure that you have your smartphone or tablet for playing the best games in the world.


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