Travel Tips – 7 Items Every Young Adventurer Needs in Their Wardrobe

Of all the travel tips I offer, I feel like I don’t talk about packing for kids enough. So today I want to share with you how to make sure your little one has a great adventure by equipping your mini-adventurer with a wardrobe to withstand all weather conditions. From scarves and coats to wellies and backpacks, here are just seven items I think every young explorer needs in their wardrobe.


Travel Tips – What to Pack in Your Kid’s Adventure Bag


Waterproof Pants


Every young explorer needs the right waterproof clothing for all weather conditions. One of those items and one that many forget to pack is a pair of waterproof pants. They’ll need to be hard wearing, comfortable, yet still stylish. Brands such as Muddy Puddles offer a range of waterproof trousers perfect for any adventurer who wants to splash about.


The Right All Weather Coat


The next thing your little one will need is a hard-wearing waterproof coat to be fully prepared for the UK’s unpredictable weather. Ideally, the coat will need a hood and some form of a warm layer. Big pockets are great for storing tissues or even plasters if they scrape their knee when running around (as they inevitably will at some stage).


A Backpack


When you’re out exploring you may discover interesting looking things such as leaves or rocks to take home. As a collector, you’ll need a sturdy rucksack to store all your belongings. A backpack that’s not too big, or too small and has a zip so their belongings don’t fall out. It’s a good idea to choose a style that’s bright and colorful so you can easily spot your child in a crowd.


A Water Bottle


Make sure your young adventurer stays hydrated by topping up his or her fluid levels – it’s important to have a water bottle packed. You can go for a basic water bottle or a design that’s a bit smarter. For example, a Chilly’s bottle is great as it’ll allow liquids to stay cold or hot for 12 hours without adjusting the bottle touch temperature. Perfect for kids when they’re out and about all day. It’s made from stainless steel so you can be sure no harsh chemicals were used. It comes in a vibrant range of colors while being more sustainable than plastic and better for the environment.




If picking up sticky insects or playing in the mud, it may be a good idea to add a pair of gloves to your kids’ wardrobe. As well as keeping them warm, you can buy gloves with grip pads on the palm that’ll increase safety when they swing from the monkey bars in the park.


Explorer Equipment


It’s now time to accessorize and spark some creativity into any explorer’s wardrobe. Keep the little ones entertained for hours as they play outside with their personal range of explorer equipment. Binoculars for bird watching, a magnifying glass for searching for bugs and a compass to navigate through the woodlands. Anything that will perk up interest and fit in their rucksack, so they’ll love staying out in the fresh air for longer, works.


A Camera


As much as we may not love it, kids tend to get excited about technology and can spend hours in front of the screen each day. Combine both technology and the outdoors with a kids’ friendly camera. As these types of cameras were designed for kids they are safe, durable and easy to use. Set your young adventure off to take photos of plants, bugs and wildlife. You never know what they might capture!

These travel tips will get you well on your way to your first adventure with your little one. Have fun and adventure on!

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