These Theme Parks in Canada are Great for Family Vacations

Summer vacations are the time when families across Canada and the USA clamber into their cars, and hit the road in search of fun and excitement. And with the variety of theme parks in Canada, fun is easy to find. 


If you will be taking your family north of the border in 2018, know there is more than just nature awaiting you in Canada – there are also several amazing amusement parks that will allow you add some adrenaline-based thrills to your schedule.


Be sure to pencil in the following parks into your travel itinerary…


Theme Parks in Canada


1) Canada’s Wonderland


Of all the theme parks in Canada, Canada’s Wonderland is by the most ambitious of the lot. Themed around Hanna Barbera’s universe of characters and with multiple ‘lands’ similar to the Magic Kingdom, the scale of this park will allow you to pack your family’s schedule with action from the moment it opens until closing.

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Older children and adventurous adults will feel at home here, as there are only amusement parks in the entire world which have more roller coasters on their property. At the same time, Canada’s Wonderland caters to families with younger kids as well, with tamer rides and a bevy of Hanna Barbera cartoon characters (like Snoopy and Scooby Doo) which wander around the grounds.


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2) Galaxyland


Out in Western Canada, there is no amusement park which approaches the scale of attractions which Galaxyland possesses. Situated inside West Edmonton Mall, a visit here can be combined with a day at an equally impressive water park (World Waterpark), a visit to a sea lion show, epic rounds of mini golf, and of course, plenty of retail therapy.

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As for Galaxyland itself, its big claim to fame in the Mindbender, reputedly the world’s tallest and longest indoor roller coaster. A huge adrenaline rush for the more daring in your family, leaving without doing one lap in this beast shouldn’t be an option.


As for tamer amusements, there are plenty of rides for the pint-sized kids in your gang, and games where prizes can be won.   


3) La Ronde


Plan on visiting Montreal and area this summer? Be sure to block off an entire day so you can spend it at La Ronde. Originally built for Expo 67, it is run by Six Flags today, ensuring its ongoing status as a home for fun and excitement in Southern Quebec.

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In addition to the nine roller coasters on its grounds, it also boasts a space shot and pirate boat ride, a Nintendo console play area, as well as plenty of milder attractions for those with younger families/

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