Top 10 Things You Need for Trekking – Plan Ahead for Smooth Adventures

Trekking is a captivating and an enthralling adventurous activity. Our beautiful planet has lots of trekking spots that take you many steps closer to Mother Nature. Trekking, being a great fun-filled activity, also requires you to carry out a pre-trekking preparation so that you don’t miss out the essential things which are a must-carry on trekking. We bring this post for all trekking enthusiasts detailing top 10 essential things you need for trekking.


10 Things You Need for Trekking


First-Aid Kits


Pre-assembled first-aid kits are easily available and better to take if you don’t know how to assemble a first-aid kit. Any first-aid kit must include disinfecting ointment, bandages, adhesive tape plus over-the-counter pain medications and certain basic medicines. It is wise to take a guide along with which gives detailed instructions for dealing with medical emergencies.


Fire Building Elements


Although a mechanical lighter is enough for this, matchboxes are a must to be carried as a backup. It is essential to carry fire starting material too along with. You can put some dry grass or tinder in a plastic bag and carry it with you. Here’s more info on how to build a fire


Sun Protective Material


Sunglasses are vital to carry. Ensure that you are carrying a good product which blocks 100% of the harmful ultra-violet rays. Sunscreen, with at least SPF 15, must be there in your bag.


Extra Clothing


Nature can never be predicted. It can suddenly become very chilly while trekking at high altitude. So it is wise to carry extra insulating inner wears plus a synthetic jacket like one from a good North Face sale.  


Headlamps and Flashlights


Headlamps allow hands-free operation. Flashlights and illuminating lanterns are also great. They can be extremely helpful to give out a signal of distress in an emergency. Don’t forget the spare batteries.


Extra Food


Don’t stick to carrying food only enough for the days required for trekking. It is essential to take some days extra worth of food along with. No-cook items like energy bars, condensed milk, dry fruits, and nuts are a good option as they contain healthy calories and lots of energy


Tents and Sleeping Bags for Shelter


The trekking site of your choice might be remote or it might happen you get stuck somewhere along the way with no hotels, lodges or resorts. In these situations, we are required to make our own accommodation and here tents and sleeping bags come in handy. Since they are waterproof so you are protected from rain as well as snowfall.


Extra Water


It is recommended to carry along with one water bottle and a collapsible water reservoir. Also before beginning the trek itself, it is essential to gain knowledge of water sources on the way.




As the number of equipment carried is always high during trekking it is necessary to carry a Carabiner. It helps to bind all the equipment together.


Repair Kit and Tools


Last but not the least; knives or multi-tools are extremely important to carry. They help in gear repair, food preparation, first aid and other similar needs. Duct tape, which is a global fix-it product, must also be a part of the trekking kit.


These are the top 10 things you need for trekking. However there are several other items like insect repellant, soaps, hand sanitizer, trekking stick and good hiking shoes which must be a mandatory part of a trekking kit. Hence trekking, although it’s a fun activity, can’t be compared with paintballing or any other relative fun activity in terms of initial preparation required. So it is always better to gain a sound knowledge of all aspects of the trekking site before commencing for the trip for our own safety.

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