Free Travel Tips – What to Wear When the Beach is Cold

Who wouldn’t rather spend their time at the beach than shoveling snow from the driveway? If you’re one of the lucky ones headed for warmer weather this holiday season, then you’ve made the right choice. Wintertime at the beach is the perfect blend of fun in the sand and cooler weather, all without the peak season crowd.

What to wear


What to wear for cold weather travel


Maybe you’re heading to a unique wedding by the waves, visiting family, or just getting out of the cold for a while. Whatever your reasons, you should know that a winter beach holiday requires a much different wardrobe than a summer one. If you’re somewhat stumped on what to pack, then follow this guide to make sure you’re prepared for coastal temperatures this time of year


Cool, or Cold?


Unless you’re heading to a tropical paradise, then prepare for much chillier temperatures than you would find during the summer months. That’s not to say that it is altogether cold, depending on where you are traveling to, but it can be a lot cooler than you might imagine.


Things will, of course, be warmer the further south you decide to head. Popular beaches like Ocean City Maryland can drop down below freezing, while the west coast’s Santa Monica will only drop down as low as 40 degrees. Either way, you won’t need to bring your swimsuit on a winter beach holiday.


It’s also important to remember that the warm breezes of summer air rolling in from the ocean are now colder breezes rushing in to nip your nose. Combined with the crashing waves, this makes for a surreal experience enjoyed by many every year. Packing the right outfits are essential, though. If you’re searching for this unique blend of experiences, you can find it here.


Cold: Layer Up


Ideally, you want to imagine a cold fall day and dress accordingly. Stay warm while hunting for seashells or hiking the dunes with a soft, long-sleeved shirt. Pick out natural and bold colors to stick with winter beach fashion, which pair excellently with a pair of jeans you don’t mind getting sandy.


A nice pair of rain boots ensures that your feet will not get wet during a long walk, while a heavier jacket or cardigan will keep you warm the whole trip through. For frigid temperatures, you may want to consider something winter ready like these coats from Wear Saga.


Beanies and scarves are excellent ways to pull an entire outfit together while adding a splash of color to your natural theme, aside from keeping you cozy and warm.


Cool: Think Ahead


Cooler beaches tend to be warmer during the day, though still a way off from the summertime heat, then drop in temperature at night. Plan ahead with cover-ups or light jackets for evening or moonlit walks, and make sure to have a change of shoes on hand to keep your feet from becoming uncomfortably chilly.


Jeans and any other pre-fall season clothing, like hoodies and sweatshirts, provide a cozy way to stay warm as the sun sets. While you might be able to make use of sandals and swimsuits (if you don’t mind colder waters), it is essential that you plan to dress warmer for the majority of your trip.


Don’t Forget Your Skin Care


Last but not least, remember to pack some sunscreen. While you won’t be tanning, the sun’s rays can still leave you with a nasty burn. This fact comes as a surprise to many, but it’s true. With plenty of cold wind whipping around, you might want to pack some lip balm as well to protect yourself from chapping.


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