Travel Tips – Etiquette for Traveling by Private Jet Plane

When flying on a private jet, you need to follow some etiquette rules to ensure you have the time of your life. As a first-time private jet flier, you need to know how to behave and what to expect before you board. When looking into private jet charter, you need to consider your budget. That’s a given. But there are other things to consider as well.


Here are some tips that will come in handy when flying by private jet

Understand Parking Etiquette


When you charter a plane, you can take your car right to the plane to make it easier to offload your luggage. However, make sure to park your car facing the opposite direction of the plane then turn on the parking brake to prevent it from rolling into the plane. You do not want to pay for aircraft damage because this might bankrupt you.


Limit Your Luggage


You might think that chartering a plane gives you the right to carry as much luggage as you want. However, most private planes have a luggage limit because of the small luggage compartment doors. In addition, they also have weight restrictions based on how much fuel is required per trip and the number of people on board.


Most private jets fit only 7 roll-aboard suitcases if you are flying alone. However, if you are flying with a large group, you might have to carry only one bag. To ease problems with odd aircraft baggage shapes, bring a soft bag with you. Doing so will make it easier to fit your luggage into less-than-ideal luggage spaces.


Avoid Red Wine


It is legal to carry your own alcohol on a private plane, which means you do not need to sneak it in. Make sure that the flight crew serves the alcohol for you. Because of staining issues, you should avoid bringing red wine on planes – turbulence might cause spills that are very expensive to remove.


Carry ID


You might think that because there is no TSA, you do not need to carry your identification documents. However, that is not the case because you need your ID to board. Make sure that you carry your driver’s license when flying domestically and your passport for international flights.


Know the Assigned Seat


Although private jet fliers can sit wherever they want, find out if the owner of the plane has an assigned seat. Make sure that you wait for the leader of your group to choose a seat before you settle into the other seats.


Tip the Pilot


The differences between a private plane and commercial pilot are vast. Jet pilots do not earn as much as you might think, and they load the bags and clean the plane. If you are happy with the services your pilot provides, tip him or her.


Dress Appropriately


Although private flying does not require you to dress formally, you should dress well. Remember that you are representing the host and you need to follow his/her dress code. If the host hints at casual or formal attire, ensure that you dress properly.


Even if you charter a plane for your family, you still need to dress neatly. When traveling with a business associate, make sure that you wear a nice suit.


Book in Advance


Although it is possible to charter a plane and use it on the same day, you might end up with a jet that you do not want. Booking in advance means that you will get your favorite type of jet and cheaper prices. It is difficult to negotiate lower rates at the last minute.


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