Travel Tips – Travel Must Haves for the Intrepid Traveler

Frequent explorers have packing down to a fine art, they know exactly what they are taking each and every time. Now even though it is always best to travel light, there are some absolute essentials that aren’t worth leaving behind. Check out our best travel essential that every frequent explorer packs.


Travel Tips – Things Every Traveler Must Have


  1.    Eye mask

This is a given really, to ensure that you have a good nights sleep in total darkness – they also help you get comfortable during flights. These block out all light and will help your sleep regardless of where you are staying. A favorite with travelers is a slip silk eye mask as it doesn’t tug on the delicate skin around the eyes.


  1.    Travel adapter

The king or queen of travels must have one of these. A handy travel adapter is an essential item for keeping electronic devices fully charged.


  1.    Sunglasses

Every vacationer needs a pair of sunglasses – an inexpensive pair mind you because they will get chucked into your travel bag, so you want a pair that won’t bring tears to your eyes should you lose or break them.


  1.    Medications and basic toiletries

Now as a frequent explorer you know not to leave all your favorite toiletries at home and not to spend a fortune on medication abroad. As long as you declare your liquids there are no issues with you taking them with you. If you aren’t quite sure what the rules are with liquids in airports, take a look at


  1.    Reading material

A good book, the morning paper, a magazine or a guide to your destination. Always take something to read with you, you could get held up at the airport or have to wait around before getting a taxi to your hotel once you arrive. Reading material will help pass the time.


  1.    Carry on bag

This is nothing revolutionary, but putting items from your pockets into a travel bag will be so handy. You won’t lose anything and you’ll be amazed at how handy it is when rummaging under your seat for something on the plane.


  1.    A small flashlight 

Dark caves walk through the rainforest, or late night strolls are more manageable if you have a small flashlight – preferably pocket-sized.


  1.    Ziploc bags

These are on so many travelers list. They’re cheap, easy to pack and useful. Use them for chargers, collecting beach shells, makeup or keeping valuables in.


  1.    Lip balm

This is a must-have item because planes and a change in weather can cause your lips to dry up and crack. Lip balm stops this and will keep them refreshed.


  1.     Hand sanitizer

This is a great item to have when there is no access to any soap and water during your trip. When traveling you will come into contact with no end of germs so to keep yourself protected carry around some of this.


Now you know what you should be packing its time to start planning where to go. Travel Republic has written a blog on the top ten places that you should visit in 2018, take a look and choose your next holiday. Looking for great ways to save? Check out my budget flight tips here.

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