A Step by Step Process of How to Complete Your Green Card Renewal Application

Green cards now have an expiration date, usually ten years after it was issued. This, however, does not mean that your permanent residence status gets to expire, or that you have to go through the whole application process again though you are required to have an unexpired green card with you at all times.


In case you would like to apply for a U.S. green card or for the renewal of the one you have, visit https://shopimmigration.com for the best tips on how to get it done with no stress and in simple easy steps. You can also choose to apply for citizenship instead of renewing your green card application. To get you started, here is the process you will have to follow for your green card renewal application.


Green Card Renewal Steps



File your application at the USCIS



To renew your green card, you have to fill form I-90, that you can fill manually and mail to a given address or if you are eligible, you can fill it online by visiting USCIS e-filling. This option is however not available for conditional residents with an expired or lost card. While handing in your green card renewal application, you are required to pay a fee of $455 inclusive of your application fee and biometric fee. You will also require a set of documents when handing in your application so ensure to go through and confirm that all your papers are in order to avoid unnecessary delays.



Track your green card renewal application



After handing in your application, it can take up to five months to receive a new one. This is because once USCIS has confirmed receipt of your application, which usually takes up to three weeks, and then you can get a notice for your biometrics appointment. At your biometrics appointment, all you’ll need is agreeable identification as well as your appointment letter. Here, USCIS will take your photograph, fingerprints and a signature. In some cases, you may be asked to provide further information or documents as evidence while the USCIS may request an interview for some cases.



Get your green card



After five to six months, you should find your new card in the mail. If not, ensure you make a case of an inquiry to find out the status of your application. Unfortunately, not all green card renewal applications are accepted and in case yours is rejected, you shall be notified via mail. This could be due to various reasons such as a criminal record, missing a biometric appointment, missing documents and many more. Rejected applicants can appeal the USCIS decision by filing a motion to reopen the renewal application and hopefully the USCIS will reconsider.


Renewing your green card has only gotten easier since you can easily apply online. Ensure your card is up to date and to avoid this repetitive process, you can apply for citizenship so you will not need a green card.


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