10 Ways to Kill Time When Traveling – My Favorite Go to List

Traveling is of course super fun, but it can be boring at times. Road trips or airplane flights can be long –and the drawn-out wait at the airport before your flight can sometimes be even longer due to unforeseen delays.


If you’re looking for some things to do to help you pass the time while traveling, have a look at this list of my go to time killers.


A Few Ideas to Pass the Time When Traveling

1. Read a book or magazine


With so much time on your hands, getting lost in a good novel can be just the thing to help you pass the time.


If you struggle to read on a plane or in a car due to nausea, try reading a magazine or graphic novel it is less likely to make you feel ill.


Or, you can get some Ginseng gum at a health food store (great for seasickness too). Check out my favorite reads for 2016.


2. Utilize your smart device


Your smart device is your best friend while traveling! Make sure to utilize it to its full potential –don’t stop at creating a traveling playlist; make sure you have some interesting podcasts and audiobooks at your disposal too!


You can also clean up your storage, get rid of unwanted media and play games.


3. Meet New People


With this new app, you can meet people around you and make new friends by finding like-minded people who are doing things near you.


You can also decide who you want to see you and who you don’t.


You can filter it by picking activities that you like or make an event of your own. It’s great for meetups and getting to learn more about local culture.


4. Watch TV series or movies


Most airplanes are fitted with individual TV screens and come with a wide variety of movies and series to choose from.


Check with your airline to see if your aircraft has this feature (smaller, budget airlines may not) –so that you can come prepared with a laptop or tablet full of movies if need be.


This is a great opportunity to catch up on those Game of Thrones episodes you’ve been putting off.


5. Explore the airport


While you are at the airport, have a look around and explore what there is to do.


If you have some extra money to spend, hit up those duty-free shops, or see if there is an airport spa where you can treat yourself to a facial or a massage before your long flight!


Kids especially love exploring the airport.


6. Sketch


For those with an artistic flair, pencil sketching can be the perfect activity to help you pass the time. Draw something inspired from your travels, or whatever takes your fancy.


7. Clean out your inbox


Most people’s inboxes are overrun with unread emails. With some spare time, dedicate it to giving your email inbox a good spring-clean!


And while you are at it, unsubscribe from any newsletters you no longer read.


8. Catch up with old friends


If you have a long wait at the airport, a good idea can be to call up friends you haven’t spoken to in a while.


Keeping in contact can be difficult when you have a busy schedule, but this is the perfect opportunity to return all those phone calls.


Or maybe just surprise mom with an unexpected call.


9. Journal


Journaling is not only a good time passer but is a great hobby and overall habit to have. If you are on your way home from traveling, you should have a lot to write about too!


10. Crosswords and Sudoku


For those who want some brain stimulation, doing crosswords and number puzzles like Sudoku can be a really fun and engaging way to pass the time.


You can buy these in books at your local bookstore, or you can source puzzles from the internet too.


There’s no sense in just wasting your time away these days. Whether you choose to take naps, relax, play games or spring clean your smart devices, put your time to good use.

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  2. I have done each of these, at one point of delay or another. Time does not always have to be about forward motion.

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