The Most Expensive Travel Destinations Around the World

Expensive travel destinations around the world

We all love to travel and explore new places. The rush of being in a new city, exploring food, music, art, and culture of the place gives you a new high altogether. Apart from individual experiences, the various destinations around the world also affect your wallet differently. Some of them make for an extravagant experience in minimal cost. But many of them redefine luxury and need to be paid with all the money you’d make by winning the jackpot at Red Flush casino.


Here is a List of the Most Expensive Travel Destinations 


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The island country is a destination for the rich and the famous. With its group of 332 islands, the country is regarded as one of the best in the South Pacific region for its natural beauty and serenity. Though the trip to the main island can be cheap, many of the others are privately owned by individuals, companies, and resorts, where you’re vacationing can cost you a bomb. The Laucala Island’s owner’s residence, i.e. Delana Hilltop Estate costs as much as $55000 for a night’s stay. It is often listed one of the 3 most expensive hotel rooms in the world and rightly so.  


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Bora Bora

When it comes to vacations that offer both luxury and peace, island retreats are the one to go for. The group of islands located in the French Polynesia is frequented by a lot of celebrities and elites. A night’s stay at Bora Bora can cost over $800 on an average. The stay can be even (MUCH!) more expensive for the privately owned areas.  


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The famous region in the heart of Italy holds centuries’ worth of history for all the tourists to explore. Frequented much by the travelers, the place is expensive to travel and stay at. The place features old buildings, libraries, and a tons of vineyards to take a walk in. Many villas in the area have been converted into lavish suites for the tourists to stay at and can cost way over $5000 a week.  


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The golden city of the UAE has become a prime tourist spot over the past decade and continues to flourish. Though not much to offer on the natural front, the hotels, the man-made islands, and the beautiful modern infrastructure makes up for all of it. If you’re willing to splurge and spend $20000 for a night at one of the best hotels in the world, Dubai is the destination for you. Enjoy luxury at its finest because that’s what Dubai is all about.  

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It comes as no surprise that the most romantic destination in the world is also one of the most expensive. So much so, that a night with your partner at the Royal Suite of the Hotel Plaza Athenee can set you back by $27000. However, the place offers a lot in culture, art, history, music, food, fashion, and of course, wine.


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