The Popularity Of Fairytale Movies Is Not Going To Wane

Hollywood has been taking fairytales and turning them into movies for decades. It seems that even in the 21st century there is a big market for movies based on fairytale characters such as Snow White and Cinderella. Of course, by now everyone knows the stories, but what Hollywood is great at doing is reinventing the characters and making them very modern.


Take the recent Beauty and the Beast movie, for example. The story is age-old and is well know, but people flocked to the theatres this year. The 2017 American musical romantic fantasy film grossed over $1.2 billion worldwide and is likely to end up as the most successful movie of the year. Emma Watson of the Harry Potter fame gave arguably her best performance in a film as an adult, while Dan Stevens, Josh Gad, and Ewan McGregor also performed admirably. The Beauty and the Beast film in 2017 had elements of feminism in it, with Belle’s character being a bookworm and an adventurer, which lends it a touch of post-modernism.


Maleficent, released in 2014, is another example of a fairytale given a very modern take and presented to a 21st-century audience with success. Starring the great Angelina Jolie, the movie is loosely based on Charles Perrault’s original fairytale. While taking elements from Walt Disney’s 1959 animated film Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent tells the story from the perspective of the eponymous antagonist and showcases her depicting her conflicted relationship with the princess and king of a corrupt kingdom. It gives the character a very personal touch and makes her relatable to a modern-day audience.



Fairytale movies Maleficent is a popular more recent film.

Source: Maleficent official Twitter page


The relevance and popularity of fairytales to 21st-century audiences is evident in video games as well. The Snow Queen and Arabian Nights: Sabaku no Seirei-ō are just two of such games which have been around for decades.The popularity of fairytale movies is reflected in online slot games being played by punters. Emerald Isle, Jack And The Beanstalk, Adventures In Wonderland and Big Bad Wolf are just some of the well-known online slot games based on popular fairytales. These games are easy to play, especially if you read slot guides, and you can have some fun. 


Fairytale-themed movies and series seem here to stay. With the recent success of Snow White and the Huntsman, Jack the Giant Slayer and Beauty and the Beast, it is clear that such movies will be successful if made properly.

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