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Everything You Should Know About MARVEL’s Doctor Strange

By now I hope all of you have heard of Dr. Strange. But do you know who Doctor Strange is? Last year our fearless Fairytale Traveling Leader, Christa, was lucky enough to be invited to the MARVEL press junket for the latest hero addition to the MCU. You can check out her Doctor Strange talent interview with Benedict Cumberbatch here. 

Doctor Strange

Now, if you are new to the comic book nerd universe like I am (#latebloomer) you might have a lot of questions about Dr. Strange. And let’s be honest, sometimes asking your fellow nerds can be intimidating, after all, you should already know this stuff. We decided we were going to break it down for you, nerdy universe Dr. Strange style! So, here goes!


Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Doctor Strange – But are too afraid to ask your nerdy friends…


Doctor Strange was an amazing neurosurgeon who had to leave behind his career. Think Mc. Dreamy after the plane crash… he hurt his hand and wasn’t sure if he would ever operate again. Stephen Vincent Strange changes quite a bit after the accident and like any good super hero badass with a big brain he is arrogant and cold. And can you blame him? His whole life went upside down after the accident. No wonder his personality changes so much after the accident…


While searching for a cute, Dr. Strange went off to Tibet where The Ancient One taught him magic and obtains his mystical artifacts: The Cloak of Levitation and The Eye of Agamotto. This is also where his turbulent relationship with Baron Mordo is rooted- they were both trained by The Ancient One.


Doctor Strange’s life is everything you would expect of a super hero badass former brain surgeon. He is Sorcerer Supreme of Earth Dimension, Occult Consultant, and former physician and neurosurgeon. Among his consulting clients is the group of the world’s most powerful superheroes, the Avengers! His superhero friend list doesn’t end with Captain America and the Hulk either. Doctor Strange and Spiderman are bros after everyone’s favorite arachnid helped Strange fight Mordo.


Since his 1963 creation by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Doctor Strange has been played by 3 leading Hollywood men. In 1978 he was played by Peter Hooten and then by Bryce Johnson in 2007. The latest Doctor Strange is played by the one and only Benedict Cumberbatch.







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