Summer Vibes With Prescription Sunglasses for Him from Vision Direct

So I’m gonna tell you a funny story. When I met my boyfriend, soon-to-be life partner, he was wearing the worst eyeglasses I think I’ve ever seen. He only wore them when he was driving. In part, because they were so hideous and in part because they just didn’t work properly. I know what you’re thinking he should’ve gone to the eye doctor. And that’s exactly what I made him do when we first started dating. I thought a sexy pair of glasses would give a boost to his style, and it totally did.


prescription sunglasses, sean overstreet

Getting him to smile for a picture is like waiting for Hell to freeze over, but these Rx sunglasses from Vision Direct put a big cheesy grin on his face. And that makes me so happy. Sean in Bloc Wave.


Now he wears his glasses all day which is a good thing because he had no idea just how blind he was. But that posed a second problem, never being able to wear sunglasses. When I asked him when the last time was that he could remember wearing sunglasses he actually could see through he answered,” I think I was about 15 years old.” I was floored!


At 35 years old this man had gone 20 years without using sunglasses that he could see through! So when Vision Direct asked me if I wanted to cover an article on one of their prescription sunglasses I thought, “Yes please!”. But not because I just wanted some sunglasses for him. I hope this builds awareness that you don’t have to go on squinting with regular glasses. It’s really easy and quite affordable to order prescription sunglasses.


prescription sunglasses, sean overstreet

Sean in Bloc Wave while driving.


Vision Direct Prescription Sunglasses


I spent a good amount of time looking through the vision direct website trying to find the right frame and style sunglasses for him. It was very simple. I just picked the frame that I thought would suit him best entered in his prescription, and before I knew it he had a new pair of prescription sunglasses right at our door.



If you wear prescription glasses, or somebody you care about wears prescription glasses, I encourage you to talk to them about getting prescription sunglasses.


prescription sunglasses, sean overstreet, kid friendly, gauge rybak


We ordered the Bloc Wave because of their classic frame. They easily go with everything. They were $145 with the Rx. It took about two weeks for them to arrive and when they did, life changed for him.


The Importance of Wearing Prescription Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses is super important. And not just because it looks really cool with your outfit. Wearing sunglasses whether you’re prescribed glasses or not is important so you can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Not to mention the strain on your eyes from a lot of light. And do I even need to mention those nasty crows feet you get around your eyes from squinting?


prescription sunglasses, sean overstreet


Did you know that you can sunburn your eyes? And that severe sun exposure can cause macular degeneration and abnormal tissue growth? Unless you plan on squirting sunblock in your eyes which, obviously you’re not going to do, you need to be wearing sunglasses all year round. And don’t think for one second that you can only get that sunburn in the summer. Snow reflects the sun and can be one of the biggest culprits of sunburnt eyes.


We’re Really Enjoying Summer Without Squinting


prescription sunglasses, sean overstreet

No squinting, but this hair tho LOL!


So far summer has been way nicer without squinting. From afternoon drives after a summer thunderstorm to catch a sunset, to hanging out by the pool, we’ve had a really pleasant summer. And I’m really happy knowing that he can be comfortable in all spectrums of light but more importantly, confident knowing that he can see everything.


Special thanks to vision direct for sending us a pair of prescription sunglasses to review in order to write this article this in no way shapes our opinions.

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  1. Genuinely so happy to hear that his life changed for the better with these prescription sun glasses! x These ones sounds fab and I’m definitely going to recommend them to my parents – they really need some prescription sunglasses! x
    Marina xx

    Marina Rosie / Reply
  2. This reminds me, I need to get my hands on some prescription sunnies! I spend about 80% of my life wondering around with my eyes squinted behind my glasses.

    Middle Eats / Reply
  3. These look fab and seem really good value for money too. I’ve recently had to start wearing glasses and miss sunglasses SO much, especially when I’m driving.

    helerinablogs / Reply
  4. How great and nifty are these prescription glasses for men, I hope they have them for us women too.

    London Mumma / Reply

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