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Things to do in Bataan – The Magical Paradise of the Philippines

Looking for things to do in Bataan, the Magical Paradise of the Philippines? It’s easy to get lost in the magic of about 7,107 islands that collectively make up the Philippines. If you begin to think of it, even a lifetime wouldn’t be enough to completely explore the richness and offering of the lands. Among all the magic, is one of the most secretive and less known territory – Bataan. A small but amazing island, Bataan finds a sweet spot between the Manila Bay and the West Philippines Sea.


While its pristine beaches are the first thing that will make you fall in love with Bataan, it is when you explore deeper that you find the island revealing. Historical houses, the sprawling field of greenery, vast forests and a unique wildlife. It takes just about 3 hours by driving and under an hour on a ferry to reach the islands from Manila, also making it a quick getaway to consider, the next time you are in its vicinity.


Things to do in Bataan


Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga, Balanga City


When entering Bataan, you might have pictured the island to be a sleepy place with idyllic backwaters. However, once you reach its capital, Balanga, be ready to get impressed. Balanga is a sprightly city that presents an old world charm to fall in love with. It has its Starbucks and other elements of the 21st century too! The Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga is, however, something that you cannot and will not miss. Located in the center of the city, it’s a spectacle of dancing fountains, lights, and a quaint charm.


Pasukulan Falls, Abucay


If you are an adamant outdoor lover, Bataan is more than the sprightly city life. Not far from the capital city is the amazing waterfall of Pasukulan. The falls has always been a side trip for hikers and nature lover. It falls on your way to the trek to Mount Natib. It’s a here hour journey and at the end of the fairly tiring hike, you get to see the majestic falls, with water plummeting from 200 feet to form an inviting pool to immerse yourself in.


Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park, Orani


If you have ever experienced and infinity pool and loved it, wait till you see this one! Situated in the village of Tala in Orani, this is a mountainside resort that offers you an infinity pool view of lush greenery and virgin spirit. You wouldn’t want to get into your Jacuzzi anymore after you have seen this setup! This is also one of the best beach resorts in Bataan.


Mount Samat Shrine, Pilar


This is perhaps the most recognized and visited landmark in the Bataan Islands. The old canons, and the World War II memorabilia aren’t just historical but this is also THE place that gives you the most amazing 360-degree view of the islands! Don’t miss it!


Bataan has been pretty underrated since it doesn’t offer the kind of access you would get to other popular islands in the Philippines. However, tourists who have been looking for the unreachable and unexplored, Bataan can be a wonder of an idea.


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