Atlanta Summer Sunsets with My Little Guy and Swirl World Frozen Yogurt

We are official brand ambassadors for RaceTrac. Not because we’re paid to be (even though we’re paid) but because we back them 100% after being regular consumers just like you for years. 

It’s been a wet and muggy summer here in the south, and for the most part, quiet. All the kids have been staying indoors and I can tell they are all just about to go crazy. But there’s still some magic to behold after the rain. When the clouds part and the sun begins to set, turning the sky into that cotton candy glow… That’s when we head over to RaceTrac. Sometimes, rain or shine, you just have to get out and treat yourself. And with Sodapalooza still happening along with SwirlWorld discounts, RaceTrac has been a go to spot for our afternoon sunset adventures.


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It’s actually been quite nice. There’s a little tickle I get in my heart when I say, “let’s go to RaceTrac for Swirl World and get that drink we love!”. Cause I know he’s immediately going to spring up with excitement from his abyss of boredom. And just like that in an instant, the mood in the house goes from hum drum to hum fun!


We hop in the car, turn up our favorite jams and have a little dance party right on over to our neighbourhood RaceTrac. Every single time he tells me about all the toppings he’s going to put on his fro-yo this time. It’s so simple, yet so special.



There’s one more week left for Sodapalooza, and there’s a special fro-yo giveaway going on through the 31st. You can win a year’s supply of Swirl World, so be sure to enter.


We have one more month until school starts. I know a lot of parents are gone at work during the day, but when you get home, why not make a special trip to treat yourself. Let your heart get that little tickle when your kids spring up from bad weather boredom when you say, “let’s go to RaceTrac for Swirl World!”.


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  1. thanks for sharing! really perfect for summer and i really love icecream, i should bring my nephew and nieces in here..

    kelly reci / Reply
  2. Thanks for sharing this! Who doesn’t love an ice cream in the summer!

    Melissa Bernardo / Reply
  3. This sounds like such a great afternoon idea! My son would go crazy for Swirl World. We love a sweet treat every now and then. We would love to enter the fro-yo giveaway too! That sounds amazing.

    Travel Blogger / Reply
  4. We love Racetrac. It’s our fave. They have this fro you and they have milkshakes you can make too, but I think it’s a different brand. We like both.

    Rosey / Reply

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